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Two Gallants with Mammatus //
The New Parish — San Francisco
May 17th, 2014 (Saturday) //

Folk Yeah and TNP presents are keeping it local at The New Parish in Oakland this Saturday night with San Francisco-based folk duo Two Gallants performing. Adam Stephens and Tyson Vogel have been making music together since the age of twelve, and have been performing as Two Gallants since 2002. They’ve performed thorughout the US and Europe, and in 2012 they played Outside Lands Music Festival. With four albums under their belt, this genre-crossing duo is sure to keep you entertained all night from folk to blues to rock. Opening will be Santa Cruz based trio Mammatus. -Krystal Beasley

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Magik*Magik Orchestra look back to “When We Were Young” at Fox Theater Oakland


Photos by Sam Heller & Sterling Munksgard // Written by Mike Frash

Magik*Magik Orchestra with with guests Nicki Bluhm and The Gramblers, The Dodos, Diana Gameros, Geographer, How To Dress Well, Zoe Keating, The Lonely Forest, Maestro Michael Morgan, The Pacific Boychoir, Rogue Wave, Two Gallants, John Vanderslice
Fox Theater Oakland — Oakland, CA
January 31, 2014

Minna Choi and Magik*Magik Orchestra delivered on the promise of an uplifting, collaborative evening Friday with three breathtaking sets of emotive music. A long list of participating acts were featured in ten to twenty minute segments, offering originals and covers that fit into the concert gala’s theme, “When We Where Young”.

The Pacific Boychoir were on stage for the full performance, adding angelic harmony and a consistent reminder that the show’s proceeds were going to Magik-For-Kids, an organization that encourages children and adults alike to join an orchestra. An oversized frame surrounded the young choir and the stars of the evening, Magik*Magik Orchestra. The ensemble’s elegant leader Minna Choi orchestrated the proceedings throughout while playing lead piano on occasion, and John Vanderslice acted as a superb master of ceremonies.


Zoe Keating was the first featured player, starting the evening with Tears For Fears’ “Mad World”. Maestro Michael Morgon took the reigns for this section with a god-like spotlight haloing him. Another selection, “In C”, set a transcendent mood that never left.

The Dodos frontman Meric Long was next in the lead. “Black Night” was a suitable choice with the song’s “control yourself” center-point and adolescent angst. “God Only Knows” by the Beach Boys included the Pacific Boychoir, adding a bit of heart-tugging depth. The choir stayed on stage all night but participated in about half the songs. As Minna Choi pointed out, “These are some of the most well-behaved people I’ve worked with.”

John Vanderslice took the stage with the phrase “Welcome to Minna’s world.” He played “Mulholland Drive” and “Forrest Knolls” amongst other songs, and admitted that “there is a terror for an indie rock band to work with Magik*Magik Orchestra, we’re all talking about it offstage.” He also complemented the Pacific Boychoir, saying “They know more about theory at 10 years old than I do now.”


How To Dress Well started the second act with his moody, snap-glitch R&B song “Cold Nights”, then moved onto the haunting “Suicide Dream 1”. Most will remember the set for his Janet Jackson cover, “Again”. Later in the set Vanderslice commented that “Tom Krell is a philosophy professor”, which was followed be an audible “Don’t embarrass me!” offstage from Krell.

Mina Choi then took the mic to say Magik*Magik Orchestra has wanted to do something like this for a long time but she “never had the guts to pull the trigger. It’s really a celebration of the Bay Area and local bands from Oakland and San Francisco, including Geographer.”

Geographer played a stripped down “Verona” without the woodblock clicks, until the final notes of the song. Neil Young’s “Helpless” got the cover treatment successfully with help from the Pacific Boychoir.

John Vanderslice introduced Diana Gameros, a Mexican-born San Franciscan that displayed remarkable talent. Her two songs made her segment feel entirely too brief — her Latin indie-rock was a pleasant change of pace, leaving the crowd wanting more. Her voice and smile deserves more attention, including from us.

Rogue Wave ended a stacked second act with “Your Eyes” and “Sight Lines” from their catalogue, and a fun cover from Buddy Holly, “Everyday”. Also Zach Rogue dismissed a prior charge from John Vanderslice that he had offered a uber-strong beverage to the master of ceremonies.


Two Gallants spent the entirety of their segment with an immersive, long slow-burner. The odyssey of a song surely was the longest single piece of the night.

The Lonely Forest’s lead singer John Van Deusen gave a simple, stunning performance. “Be Everything” from the Lonely Forest and “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel ended up being two of the most memorable movements.

Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers anchored the evening with their laid back California Soul, including the scorning ditty “Little Too Late”.


11 reasons to celebrate five years of Magik*Magik Orchestra at Fox Theater Oakland


Photos by Sterling Munksgard //

Led & conducted by Minna Choi, Magik*Magik Orchestra and their many contemporaries have prepared an evening for the ages at Fox Theater Oakland January 31. A dynamic group of mostly local performers will join forces over three 45 minute acts to deliver a gala concert to revolve around the theme of childhood, and “collaboration” will be the word of the evening.

Here are 11 reasons why celebrating 5 years of Magik*Magik Orchestra should be in your plans this month. Secure your seats here.


11. Two Gallants
SF-based duo Two Gallants will be joining the festivities — “Fly Low Carrion Crow” from their self titled record might flourish with symphonic backing…

10. The Lonely Forest
The Lonely Forest and Magik*Magik joined forces on “Be Everything”, the first track from the group’s first track on their debut album Arrows. The band has confirmed John Van Deusen will be playing this song and a Peter Gabriel cover with M*MO.

9. Zoe Keating
The one-woman orchestra teamed up with the Magik string section in 2011 for two shows at Great American Music Hall, so Keating should be pretty locked in with the headliners.


8. Geographer
The City’s very own Geographer performed with M*MO at Stern Grove Music Festival last summer, where they opened for Kronos Quartet. Will they simply add a tasty layer of electronic sound or will songs like Geographer’s “Original Sin” get full orchestral support? Maybe both…

7. The event benefits Magik-For-Kids, Outreach & More
Magik-For-Kids is Magik*Magik’s key community project, giving local children access to brass instruments. The initiative also allows kids to compose their own string quartet, build a band, and more. So that’s pretty cool.


6. Rogue Wave
Oakland-based Rogue Wave seem like an obvious choice to include in the experience, and classics like “Eyes” or “California” seem like solid song bets. “Everyone Wants to Be You” from last year’s Nightingale Floors might be a tremendous selection for full Magik backing.


5. The Dodos
Magik have backed The Dodos on their last two records and they performed together at Noise Pop 2010, so they are probably able to send subliminal mind messages to each other at this point. Watch them perform “Substance” below with the stars of the night at Tiny Television in San Francisco.

4. How To Dress Well
Tom Krell is one of the best singers around, and his double mic technique to control vocal echo combined with minimalist, digitized R&B is remarkably haunting. We’ve been promised “Cold Nites” from Total Loss, and the 30-piece Pacific Boychoir will join a 30-piece M*MO for it. Also, let’s hope we get “Talking To You”. Expect goosebumps.


3. Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers
Nicki Bluhm will lend the sole female vocals to the affair, so in this way she is key to the proceedings. Uber-popular locally yet under the radar nationwide, the group’s California Soul will sweeten the overall sound.

2. John Vanderslice
Local luminary & Tiny Television recording studio owner John Vanderslice has collaborated with Minna Choi and Magik*Magik for years — in fact M*MO is the official house orchestra of Tiny Television.

They recorded 2011’s White Wilderness together over 3 days, and joined together again last year on Vanderslice’s incredibly underrated Dagger Beach. Here’s hoping for a glorious live version of “Song for David Berman”. Watch “Promising Actress” from Cellar Door.

1. Celebrating 5 years of Magik*Magik
It’s the Orchestra’s night to shine after five years of providing auditory pleasure backing to over 100 projects. A lineup has been curated that highlights some of the ensemble’s strongest partnerships, so the comfort level and past experiences should set the table for a night to remember.

*BONUS: It’s at Fox Theater Oakland — can you imagine a better setting?


Usher in the Indie-an Summer with Noise Pop’s 20th Street Block Party!

Block-PartyWritten by Molly Kish //

20th Street Block Party //
Mission District – San Francisco
August 24th, 2017 //

August is a hot month for music in the Bay Area! It’s a time that caters to the concertgoer, when competing venues stack their calendars with talent harvested from festival bills circulating throughout Northern CA. Late August will fill your pockets full of ticket stubs and your complexion with some Vitamin D, marking the unofficial start to our Indian summer.

Local indie powerhouses Noise Pop and friends (Do 415, Ne Tiemas, Nomic and The Bon Vivants) are teaming up to throw one hell of a FREE food and music celebration next month. The 20th Street Block Party will highlighting the local spirit, culture, diversity and artistic collectives of the outer Mission and Dogpatch neighborhoods.

The 2013 lineup highlights some of the most creative and successful innovators in hospitality and entertainment the Bay Area has to offer. Admission is FREE and all ages are welcomed. If interested in libations, bring a valid ID or Driver’s License and the event is entirely smoke-free.


A wide array of musical talent will be on display at the 20th Street Block Party. Offering a taste of talent both native and nationally recognized, this year’s bill has a little something to tickle the eardrums of just about everyone in attendance.

Two Gallants

Mac DeMarco

Quinn Deveaux and the Blue Beat Review


Local businesses will be providing some incredible Food & Drinks!

• The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen
• Asiento
• Atlas Cafe
• Blowfish
• Central Kitchen
• Coffee Bar
• flour + water
• Rhea’s Deli
• Salumeria
• Sightglass
• Trick Dog
• Benders Bar & Grill
• Jay’n Bee Club

Along with deals, discounts and delectable treats, Ne Timeas Restaurant Group will also be sponsoring a Food Workshop Tent with DIY demonstrations on food preparation, pasta making, pizza tossing and creative cooking tips throughout the day.


A variety of local craft vendors will be on site engaging with the community, demonstrating their trades, sampling their products and hosting a ton of interactive activities for all ages.

• Alite
• Artspan
• The Bay Bridged
• Crossroads Trading Co.
• Insymmetry Massage
• J.Fein Designs
• Last Gasp Books
• Mission Cliffs
• Mission Creek Merchants Association
• Moxie Yoga
• Mutiny Radio
• Pretty Parlor a GOGO
• Radio Silence
• Side Stage Photo
• Southern Exposure
• TopShelf Boutique
• Z Space


Continuing the party into the evening hours, Mission Dispatch and NWBLK Events will be hosting an after party from 6-10 p.m. featuring continued festivities, food, drinks and music for those not ready to call it quits after the block party.

An all ages affair, with a $5 suggested donation price, one can easily saunter over to the 1975 Bryant St. location from the 20th Street Block Party for a nightcap and final bite with this current roster of participants.

• Derby Cocktail
• Fuki Truck
• Phat Thai
• Burr-Eatery
• Garden Creamery
• Grandma Jean’s Whoopie Pie


The 20th Street Block Party takes place on August 24th from Noon-6 p.m. The after party goes from 6-10 p.m.

The 20th Street Block Party will be located between 19th and 20th St. in the Mission District, San Francisco, taking over the areas enclosed between Bryant and Harrison streets as well as the alleyway of Florida St.

Bike parking will be located at the main entrance of the Block Party on 20th and Harrison, with absolutely no vehicle access to the event area. Public transit is highly encouraged and available via the 27 and 12 bus lines.