Purity Ring command attention at The Independent

Purity-RingWritten by Mike Frash

Purity Ring arrived in mid-2012 amid massive hype – they became one of the most anticipated groups in years after Megan James and Corin Roddick dropped “Ungirthed” in early 2011. Music blogs swooned over Roddick’s warped beats matched with James’ innocent, captivating voice.

Since releasing Shrines to critical acclaim, Purity Ring has repeatedly proven themselves as innovators on the live circuit. They did it again Monday at The Independent, the first of a three night stand in San Francisco (they played again at The Independent Tuesday and will be at Bottom of the Hill Wednesday). The samples and lighting are controlled by Corin Roddick and his custom-made drum kit that looks like it was transported from the future. He hits 8 or 10 bulb-shaped apparatuses that rise up from crooked, vine-like arms as if he’s playing a normal drum kit, but with each contact the cocoon lights that surround Megan James’ performing space react and change with a hypnotic effect that parallels Purity Ring’s music. James’ stage presence shows strong range; she portrays an innocent, lost girl with a low-glowing nightlight then transforms to a powerful woman striking a massive war drum, commanding attention.

Now that Purity Ring is on their victory lap in San Francisco playing three sold out shows between two weekends at Coachella, it’s clear that Purity Ring is part of music’s new mainstream – they may not be on the radio, but anyone that pays a bit of attention to new music has heard a couple of their tracks.

Upcoming Shows at The Independent
Savages – Thursday April 18
Deap Vally – Friday April 19
Palma Violets – Tuesday APril 23

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