Traveler Trey Anastasio comes alive at Fox Theater Oakland

Trey-Anastasio-BandWritten by Kevin Quandt ~ Photos by Sam Heller

After releasing Traveler in October to mixed reviews, fans wondered when the subsequent tour would take place. For the West Coast, that happened to fall in mid-April at theaters up and down the western seaboard. Oakland, and the Bay Area, were thrilled that the circus would be a two night affair at the Fox revolving around the unofficial April 20th holiday that fans know, love and observe thoroughly.

It was the usual cast of characters accompanying Trey onstage, but the bulk of Friday’s night material was largely fresh to the sold out crowd. The first set was a veritable grab-bag of different eras in Trey’s career with a few obscure covers peppered in for good measure. “Mozambique” featured a guest appearance by former TAB horn section trombonist Jeff Cressman, who is the father of current trombonist, Natalie Cressman. The always energetic “Push On Till the Day” punctuated the end to the first set with Anastasio spinning in circles with a devilish grin wiped all over his face, and it’s clear to see he really enjoys these non-Phish outings.

The second set opened with Phish favorite “Sand” before launching into a set heavy with new tracks off Traveler. “Valentine” is a introspective ballad that has been played for years, a song which seemingly speaks to Anastasio’s post-addiction life and it’s possibilities for greatness, while maintaining sobriety. “Alaska” was the last Phish song of the night, and this solid rendition was highlighted by the multi-part horn section, adding an enjoyable funk element. Shine track “Tuesday” was featured as the encore, and the first of two nights came to a wrap.

Second night would feature popular covers like “Black Dog” and “Clint Eastwood”, but the Friday show was more about Trey opening up and taking chances, which is something he has been increasingly fond of on his solo tours.

Set One: Drifting, Cayman Review, Alive Again, O-o-h Child (Five Stairsteps cover), Magilla, Money Love and Change, Wherever You Find It, Greyhound Rising, Scabbard, Mozambique*, Dark and Down, Push On Till the Day

Set Two: Sand, Valentine, Night Speaks to a Woman, Architect, Gone, Pigtail, Alaska, Traveler

Encore: Tuesday

*with Jeff Cressman(trombone)


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