First Times: Experiencing the Santa Barbara Bowl as My Morning Jacket take their game to the next level

FIRST TIMES: After waiting all those years to step inside the Santa Barbara Bowl, the whole show had felt like one big holiday to me.

Camping at a music festival soon? You’ll want to check out this ultimate festival camping guide

Music festivals - camping

Festival season is upon us, and some of you might be getting ready to pitch your tent at a music festival this summer. Here is a festival camping guide that should help with all your outdoor-living needs.

I heard the new My Morning Jacket album and it’s amazing

I went to a listening party in LA for the new My Morning Jacket album, with Jim James offering commentary after each song. Here’s what you can expect.

The Regent Theater brings new life to LA’s music scene

The Regent

VENUE REVIEW: Once a grindhouse and adult movie theater decades ago, the Regent Theater has quickly found its place in a crowded, yet booming downtown LA.

With the death of net neutrality, how will music consumption change?

The way the Internet works is about to fundamentally change, unless individuals, like-minded coalitions and online businesses continue to band together in a populist uprising to take on Big Cable.

First Times: Experiencing Seattle’s music scene

Seattle skyline

FIRST TIMES: “With so much of my youth influenced by the musicians who have called this majestic seaport city home, it will always remain an important place for this music lover.”

The “Know Your Rights” infographic at a festival

This simple flowchart from The Festival Lawyer shows you everything you need to know to protect yourself from being unlawfully arrested.

10 music festival must-haves to elevate the experience

The Festival Lawyer asks the worldwide festival community: “What one item did you not know to bring to your first music festival that you always bring now?”

Live music artists ignite the dawn of a smartphone backlash

TRENDS 2013: Our collective screen addiction & social media mentality are starting to suck the life out of the live music experience for fans and artists alike, but 2013 will be remembered as the year musicians fought back, establishing the battle of Instagram & iPhones vs. audience immersion.

MDMA safety: Practical medical tips for ravers who choose to use ecstasy

The Festival Lawyer offers five important medical safety tips in collaboration with “harm reduction” authors and experts to help Ravers, Bassheads & Ragers dance safer.

What to do if the police stop you at a music festival

If the police stop you out of the blue in the middle of a music festival and start questioning you, what do you do? Follow these 5 steps from the Festival Lawyer.

Best live music venues in San Francisco // Bay Area

BEST OF SAN FRANCISCO: SF is one of the best cities in the world for shows and concerts — here are the essential venues to witness live music in and near the City by the Bay.