Impending Apocalypse Now: 21 Songs for the End of the World

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So the world ends on Friday. That’s too bad, I was just getting used to Dubstep.
Here are 21 lucky tracks that somehow relate to the impending apocalypse. And they are pretty great songs too.

21. David Bowie“Five Years”

20. St. Vincent“The Apocalypse Song”

19. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds“I’ll Love You (Till The End Of The World”

18. STS9“When the Dust Settles”

17. Andrew Bird“Yawny At The Apocalypse”

16. Bright Eyes“Four Winds”

15. Creedence Clearwater Revival“Bad Moon Rising”

14. R.E.M. – “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

13. The Clash“London Calling”

12. The Rolling Stones“Gimme Shelter”

11. Muse“Apocalypse Please”

10. The Cure“The End of the World”

9. Medeski, Martin & Wood“End Of The World Party”

8. The Postal Service“We Will Become Silhouettes”

7. Radiohead“Ideoteque”

6. The Decemberists“Calamity Song”

5. Tom Waits“The Earth Died Screaming”

4. Morrissey“Everyday Is Like Sunday”

3. Metallica“Blackened”

2. Tame Impala“Apocalypse Dreams”

1. The Doors“The End”

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Robby Krieger’s Jazz Kitchen serves up a hot dish at Saint Rocke

By Pete Mauch //

Robby Krieger’s Jazz Kitchen //
Saint Rocke – Hermosa Beach, CA
October 14th, 2012 //

Hermosa Beach played host to Robby Krieger’s Jazz Kitchen at Saint Rocke on Sunday night and played a refreshing set of jazz fusion. Kreiger, who is known as the guitarist for The Doors, leads a group of All-Star musicians from various bands, such as Frank Zappa’s Mothers of Invention and War.

On this particular night, the band seemed really loose on stage like they were just jamming in their garage, but it stayed tight enough to bring the heat when it needed to. Krieger’s Jazz Kitchen includes Frank Zappa alumnus and Hammond B3 player Tommy Mars on keys, Arthur Barrow from Zappa’s band on bass, Larry Klimas from War on horns and Tom Brechtlein of Chick Corea fame on drums.

Going into this show, I figured the set would be heavy on Doors songs, but it was just the opposite. This band played an array of originals as well as a couple Frank Zappa songs that were quite unexpected, yet very welcomed. Mars on the Hammond B3 is quite the treat. He plays the Hammond very aggressively with a loose style that compliments this jazz ensemble.

Krieger’s guitar style hasn’t changed much since his days with The Doors. He still rocks out on his Gibson SG that he made famous many moons ago. And of course, his Flamenco style of playing is still heavy in the mix, especially when he brings his slide out.

I was very impressed with the band’s jazzy take on “Riders on the Storm” to close out the night. Krieger’s signature licks were shining on this version as were Tommy Marsas’ while he pounded away ever so gently on the Hammond.

I found it quite refreshing that a living legend like Krieger, who could very easily just cover Doors songs all night and get a bigger reaction, would create such new and delightful music that is relevant today. I applaude Robby Krieger’s Jazz Kitchen and give them the Showbams approval.