The Limousines get hot and sweaty at their “Hush” album release party

Writing and photos by Nikki de Martini

Last weekend was hot, but it got even hotter in downtown San Jose at The Limousines’ album release party for their new LP HUSH June 28 at The Blank Club.

Local buzz band, Anya & The Get Down presented amped reggae funkiness for a healthy 45 minute opening act. Lead singer Anya Kvitka commanded the venue, showcasing her soulful singing style and abrasive stage presence. Under a gold-plated, stud drenched baseball cap she dropped F-bombs between songs, challenged hecklers and threatened to have people kicked out of the club, while maintaining an upbeat vibe. Regardless of her attitude, the crowd got down with Anya and The Get Down and whom did a great job warming the stage up for The Limousines!

It was just about midnight when the The Limousines hit the stage kicking things off with “Love is A Dog From Hell”, which is the first track off of their second studio album, HUSH. By the second song of their set, “Stranger”, it was apparent the club was filled with Limousines fanatics because everyone knew all of the words to every new song!

Dressed in black from head to toe, singer/songwriter Eric Victorino worked up a sweat while owning the minuscule stage and I’m guessing that he wished that the artificial fog that started pouring out around him was real (I know I did!). He looked literally hot and exhausted, but it didn’t affect his performance. Engaging minimally with fans in an attempt to save his energy, Eric did end up acknowledging the general hotness a couple different times last, stating: “We had a CD release show in San Francisco, HUSH came out on June 6th, but a lot of our San Jose fans couldn’t make it! What the Fuck?! I think this is the hottest fucking room…so…thanks for sticking with us!” and “I swear to god, if I didn’t love this band and I was in this crowd I’d be the FUCK out of here.”

Half way through the set fans started chanting requests for older material like “Wishing Well” and “Very Busy People”, but the band continued on playing tracks off the new album. They seemed to be slowing down little by little on stage as the crowd conversely got rowdy, shovey and even more sweaty. After playing the heart aching ballad, “The Last Dance”, Eric explained that The Limousines were playing HUSH all the way through.

Staying true to his word, title track “Hush” was the last song of the night and Eric invited fans to stick around after the show and drink with them as they were not going to be doing an encore. The Bay Area indie-tronica boys beat the heat, delivering a good hometown show at a club that apparently doesn’t have air conditioning. Friday night’s show was the last Bay Area gig The Limousines have lined up in a while so hopefully you were fortunate enough to get youre sweat on at the Blank Club!


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