WKEND MIXTAPE: Yematt – 9411 Phish Mix


Phish are in town this weekend for three sold out nights at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium starting tonight. The majority of the Showbams family will be there. Will you? This week’s mix contains a compilation of jams from 1994 through 2011 — follow along below with the track list. We hope this mix will serve as your pre-party soundtrack. Enjoy!

Track List:
David Bowie 11/26/94
Tweezer 2/28/03
Antelope 12/31/98
Tweezer 8/1/98
Simple 8/6/10
Reba 10/31/94
Limb by Limb 7/15/98
Roses 4/3/98
Rock and Roll 6/19/10
Ater Midnight Reprise 12/31/99
2001 12/29/98
2001 8/7/10
Bathtub 12/29/95
Twist 4/2/98
Drowned 9/14/00
Rock and Roll 6/26/10
Back on the Train 12/30/09
Fukuoka jam #1 6/14/00
Ghost 11/17/97
Tweezer 9/3/11
Fukuoka jam #2 6/14/00
Waves (soundcheck) 5/27/11

let's hear it!

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