Rubblebucket triumph through celebration of life and love

Rubblebucket_1By Kevin Raos //

Rubblebucket //
The New Parish – Oakland, CA
November 7th, 2013 //

It has been quite a roller coaster year for Rubblebucket. Enjoying much success in 2012, Rubblebucket was poised for a breakout year in 2013. Then, in July of this year, the group announced lead singer and co-founder Kalmia Traver was diagnosed with Stage 1 ovarian cancer. Undoubtedly this was devastating news for friends, family, fans of the band and Kalmia herself. Fuck cancer, in any form.

In a statement released by Kalmia on July 22nd, she proclaimed the band would continue touring this fall and that she would be counting on their fans to be “my love line, my support groups and inspirations (as always).” Life reared its ugly head and Rubblebucket weren’t about the let it break them.

At the New Parish in Oakland Thursday Night (November 7), Rubblebucket’s performance was inspirational, to say the least. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, this was their first venture into the gritty Oakland wilderness. The seven-piece band brought their blend of dance, brass, and electro-synth to the small stage in Oakland to the adoration of their fans, who filled every square inch of the venue with positivity. Love and dance filled the room — not a negative vibe could be sensed in the building.

The affection and compassion Traver expressed in her July statement was evident as the band performed their songs with infectious enthusiasm that spread throughout the crowd like wildfire. Everyone lost themselves in the moment, a moment that was more like musical therapy than a concert.

Kalmia walked onto stage wearing a piece of cloth and hat on her head. The music began and all felt right in the world. So as not to restrain her unstoppable dancing, Kalmia eventually pulled her hat off to candidly reveal a completely bald head, a product of her recent rounds of chemotherapy.

This, however, would be the only sign that her entire world was turned upside-down just a few months prior. Not once did she talk about the offstage issues, but rather Traver focussed on the love in the room. Her smile had never been bigger as the asked the audience “Can you feel the love?”

The band played many of their hits, including the ever-popular “Came Out of a Lady” and the title track from their latest EP “Save Charlie”.

It’s evident that Rubblebucket is as strong as ever. They have been reminded of the fragility of our existence and now show an even greater appreciation for life and love. As Kalmia so eloquently stated in July, “Love your mind-spirit-bodies, be healthy, get checkups, eat well, laugh a lot, be kind to each other, be kind to this earth that we are made of.”

Rubblebucket’s fortuitous story is simply an inspirational reminder to be a better person and cherish every moment we have in our short time here.

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