Big Freedia bounces through the City


Written by Kevin Quandt // Photos by Pedro Paredes

Big Freedia with NanosauR, DJ Morale
The Independent – San Francisco
November 15th, 2013

Big Freedia knows how to throw a party. Fact. His dancers have supernatural control over their midsection. Fact. Bounce music is played loud. Fact. These are just a few of the truths that one comes across while at a Big Freedia live show. Luckily all were splendidly present at the Indy on this Friday night. It was pretty clear to see that folks in attendance were looking to cut loose as the dancing and revelry before the headliner was through the roof. Cliques of friends got down to a mix of trap and booty bass from opener Nanosaur before the Queen Diva took the stage around 11:30.

He, and his dance crew, jumped onto stage in a flurry and hopped right into what they do best: shaking ass and takin names. “Na Who Mad” was the first track of the night, and it got a massive response from the boisterous, widely eclectic crowd that jumped about and did their best to emulate the ‘pro twerkers’ up on stage (they would later have there time to shine). But, valiant efforts all around San Francisco.


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