Anna Calvi’s vocal range and intense guitar mesmerize in SF

Anna-Calvi_postPhotos by Marc Fong // Written by Nikki DeMartini //

Anna Calvi with Sandy’s
The Independent – San Francisco
November 17, 2013

Crimson lipped and humbly fashionable Anna Calvi and her band graced the stage just before 10pm Sunday with the hauntingly alluring “Suzanne and I”. The captivating performance yielded respect from the audience as they quietly watched, letting Calvi shine. Comparable to the likes of pint-sized heavy hitter PJ Harvey, Calvi’s powerful and eclectic vocal range consistently mesmerized, especially during “Eliza” and “Suddenly” from her 2013 record One Breath.

The only element that came close to outshining Calvi’s singing was her own guitar playing. Intense riffs laced just about every song of the set, and “Sing to Me” delivered an aggressive guitar solo reaping an appreciative applause from engaged fans. This type of dominant guitar playing from a woman evoked memories from Exile in Guyville, Liz Phair’s 93′ debut that paved the way for female musicians to rock hard today.


With her rich range of falsettos and baritones, Anna Calvi’s intricate, bluesy vocals and pop undertones are a unique pairing, striking a soulful cord that’ll stick to your bones.



  1. Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Michelle LoPrete says:

    Welcome back and thank you for another fantastic show. We love you here in the city and
    mucho appreciate all your immense talent.


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