PHOTOS: The Wild Feathers, Saints of Valory & Jamestown Revival at The Independent 3/3

The-Wild-FeathersBy Benjamin Wallen //

The Wild Feathers with Saints of Valory, Jamestown Revival //
The Independent – San Francisco
March 3rd, 2014 //

The Wild Feathers, Saints of Valory and Jamestown Revival brought a diverse spectrum of styles to The Independent on a Monday night.

Jamestown Revival procure a stripped-down and lonely soul-searching, yet welcoming Western sound. They rocked with strength and the pleasant harmony of great vocals. You can hear the Texas-based sound mixed with the classic rock feel of songs you can put on repeat over and over again, and it never get old. Great discovery here.

Saints of Valory screamed U2 to me. They have a big sound, an epic aura and profound vocals. Great buildups filled in with catchy hooks. Covering Lorde was a nice treat and a fun, fresh play on a song we have all heard too many times. Very much arena music for the modern day, Saints of Valory is the stuff you’d expect at immense venues with fireworks going off.

Headliner The Wild Feathers had many, many guitars on stage. When I noticed them, my thought was “Wow, so many guitars.” But once they graced the stage, it all made sense. The Wild Feathers packed the house on a rainy, cold Monday night, something that is frankly hard to do.They offered the edge of what you hear from a hard rock band like Black Sabbath in some ways — full, hard-lined guitar packed with a solid punch and tons of energy. Toss The Wild Feathers on the car stereo and tear off down the road, and it would be hard to find anyone who wouldn’t love this blend of Southern rock with a modern twist. Feeling so familiar, yet unlike anything you have heard from this genre in a while, The Wild Features brought some of the original roots of rock back to an over-effected world.


  1. Kathleen Rohner says:

    Great review. Mr. Wallen gets right to the point in his review and leaves me wanting to check out this band, which I will do.

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