The Wailers deliver the jams at The Independent

The-Wailers1By Steve Roby

The Wailers with DJ Funklor //
The Independent — San Francisco
Saturday March 22, 2014 //

The Wailers are on tour promoting the 30th anniversary release of Legends, named “Best Album of the 20th Century” by Time magazine. Their second sold-out show at San Francisco’s Independent was filled with a mix of devoted fans that actually saw Bob Marley perform with The Wailers many decades ago, and those who weren’t even born in 1984 when the best-selling record came out, but knew the lyrics and sang along to every song.

Jamaican singer Koolant Brown, who could easily pass for a Marley look-alike, did an excellent job of keeping his spirit alive on crowd pleasers like “Get Up, Stand up” and “No Woman, No Cry”. Brown later acknowledged bassist Aston “Family Man” Barrett, the only member from the original Wailers’ line-up. “Fams,” was given a lifetime achievement award by Bass Player Magazine in 2012, and claims he has 41 children and 23 grandchildren that validate his nickname.


The Wailers also feature Elan Atias on lead vocals; Keith Sterling, keyboards; Anthony Watson, drums; Audley Chisholm, rhythm guitar; and Brady Walters and Cegee Victory, background vocals.

After loud cheers for an encore, Koolant Brown returned to the stage and performed a beautiful rendition of “Redemption Song” on acoustic guitar. “Skankin” was up next. Brown admitted to the audience that he enjoys his weed, no surprise, and only gets it directly from the farmer. “Exodus” concluded the concert just after midnight.


After San Francisco, The Wailers head south to Chile, Columbia, and Australia, before returning to the States in May for New Orleans’ Jazz & Heritage Festival.

Concert Set List: Cobra, Is This Love, No Woman, No Cry, Could You Be Loved, Three Little Birds, Buffalo Soldier, Get Up, Stand up, Stir It Up, One Love, I Shot The Sheriff, Waiting In Vain, Rock The Boat, Jammin’. Encore: Redemption Song, Skankin’, Exodus.




  1. What was the name of the guy with grey dreads rapped around his head? I went to see them and known he’s been in the Wailers for ages but don’t know his name and cannot find it!!! Help!!!!

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