PHOTOS: The Knife at Fox Theater Oakland 4/15


Photos by Pedro Paredes //

The Knife //
Fox Theater Oakland — Oakland, CA
April 15th, 2014 //

“Self-awareness is the illusion that this is happening only to you” echoed the crowd after the words of our DEEP Aerobics instructor (short for Death Electro Emo Protest Aerobics) at a sold out Fox Theater in Oakland last week. As the audience followed the dance steps and pop mantras recited by the person in charge of warming things up before The Knife, the night’s main event, we knew that we should expect nothing typical for the rest of the evening.

The tone had been set. It was time to shake off the habitual.


  1. These photos…amazing

  2. Was at this show. The introduction was crazy with the massive amounts of fog and all. And about 50% of the show was them just dancing to the music.

    Entertaining, but I felt kind of annoying when the music was basically a recording.

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