Slow Magic’s equine-electronic show illuminates SF

Slow-MagicPhotos by Justin Yee // Written by Molly Kish //

Slow Magic with Kodak To Graph, Daktyl //
The Independent – San Francisco
September 11th, 2014 //

This past Thursday, The Independent was treated to an energy-packed electronic bill headlined by Downtown Record’s buzz-worthy artist, Slow Magic. Touring in promotion of the release of its second full length How To Run Away, the hooded horse-person brought its animated live show to the mid-size venue, which was enthusiastically received by the eclectic Bay Area crowd.

The early evening sets provided by DAKTYL and Kodak to Graph warmed up the sold-out venue, providing steady beats, solid trap remixes and just enough stage presence to get the audience pumped for the percussion-heavy main attraction. The dance floor progressively began to fill towards the ten o’clock hour as the presence of furry hoods, colorful accessories and fan-made masks resembling Slow Magic’s illuminated façade appeared. Anticipating what would be Slow Magic’s first time headlining in the Bay Area, the audience came prepared and gave the mysterious masked performer a hero’s welcome as he took the stage.


The set kicked off with several tracks off of the new album, released just two days prior and only was made available to stream for a week leading up to this date. The audience response, however, made the debut of said material seem like it was something they had been dancing along to for years. Everyone surrendered to the infectious jazz hooks and impressive rhythms, both digitally programmed and performed live on stage by the enigmatic frontman. Without uttering a word all set, Slow Magic’s one-man live show kept the crowd entranced with explosive energy, stunning electronic drum pad solos and a choreographed light show, which included costumed synchronization with the performer’s signature, illuminated zebra mask.


Working through material off of both the latest release and 2012’s debut, Triangle, the show, although short, was one punctuated by several highlights and memorable crowd participation instances. Beyond inducing a few collective crowd-pogoing and semi-grimy dance party moments, the venue also came together for a group sing-along to a sick live remix of Destiny Child’s “Say My Name” towards the end of the evening.

The last few songs of the night truly unleashed the animals as several of the masked attendees were invited on stage to dance with their favorite “imaginary friend”, one of which (believed to be part of Slow Magic’s crew) participated in a rousing drum line throw-down, only to be further capped off by the magical equine artist jumping in the crowd with a portable percussion set to get down one last time during the encore with its adoring fans.

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