Temples’ take on modern psych-rock is both exciting & sloppy

Temples-12Photos by Justin Yee // Written by Scotland Miller //

Temples with Wampire and Fever The Ghost //
The Fillmore – San Francisco
September 24th, 2014 //

There is no denying the fact that the early 1960’s had a remarkable effect on the sound of modern rock ‘n’ roll. The music from back then has a quality to it that just feels right. Imagine if you took a band like The Animals or The Moody Blues and smashed them together with the likes of Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. Well guess what? It has actually happened, and they are called Temples.

The four English lads that make up Temples played The Fillmore last Wednesday night and brought with them an echo of what the City used to be like, when LSD was popped like Jelly Beans and the colorful oil-and-water stage projections were cutting edge. The house was by no means packed, but that’s no surprise as these guys are not only foreigners, but they are also just cutting their teeth after releasing their first album, Sun Structures, earlier in the year.


Moments of the show were bursting and oozing with incredible feelings of flying through the air on the back of the mighty Pegasus, brushing the mountain tops of some distant, snow-covered range, while other moments were slow and sloppy, with wobbly and muddled vocals that sounded like the singer had marshmallows in his mouth. They did, however, succeed in truly embracing their genre and stretching out a few of their songs with some brilliant psychedelic jamming.

Temples offered up an acid-flashback evening of flower-power rock ‘n’ roll with a splash of straight up heavy. Their old-skool take on modern psych-rock is exciting and shows promise for more good music to come.

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