Bluegrass takes center stage at The Chapel for a night

The Neckbeard Boys

The Neckbeard Boys

By Benjamin Wallen //

Newgrass and Tried & Truegrass – SF’s Finest Local Bluegrass Heroes feat. The Neckbeard Boys, Windy Hill, Grateful Bluegrass Boys, Rusty Stringfield //
The Chapel – San Francisco
January 3rd, 2015 //

The Chapel hosted another night of string-picking and foot-stomping bluegrass of all tastes thanks to Britgrass, a collection of local bluegrass musicians in the Bay Area. “Newgrass and Tried & Truegrass” was the theme of this show with music from Rusty Stringfield, the Grateful Bluegrass Boys (a mix of some players from Hot Buttered Rum and The David Thom Band), Windy Hill and headlining act The Neckbeard Boys.

There to host the event was none other than Bay Area bluegrass legend and president of the California Bluegrass Association Chuck Poling, who you may also recognize from his hosting of the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass’s Rooster Stage. For a genre back on the rise, it was great to see some of the best in the Bay Area play together to a packed house on a Saturday night in The Mission. Windy Hill brought the classical approach of Doc Watson’s and Del McCoury’s single-mic, three-party harmonies that people know and love from the old-timey bluegrass days.

Rusty Stringfield

Rusty Stringfield

To bridge the gap from the true to the new grass was Rusty Stringfield and the Grateful Bluegrass Boys with their takes on bluegrass classics as well as both modern and Grateful Dead tunes. Closing the night out, the rousing tunes of The Neckbeard Boys had the place dancing and stomping, finishing with a cover of “Ignition (Remix)” by R. Kelly.

For bluegrass fans in the Bay Area, keep an eye out for these bands and more Britgrass events, as they offer one heck of a ride.

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