The Barr Brothers continue to amaze at The Indy

The Barr BrothersPhotos by Sam Heller // Written by Kevin Quandt //

The Barr Brothers with Snow Angel //
The Independent – San Francisco
May 23rd, 2015 //

A cold, blustery night greeted The Barr Brothers on this recent tour stop, landing at The Independent for an eclectic night of music. Having released both an EP and full-length album in the past year, the band had plenty of recent material to keep longtime fans thrilled while winning over many more. Gabby La La’s most recent psych-pop project Snow Angel opened the evening with a sitar-driven set of quirky songs as the room filled.

The Montreal-based headliner strolled onto the stage with a calm, breezy confidence as these touring veterans are true pros at delivering powerful material that is both precisely focused and able to take flight with expanded parts. Brad and Andrew Barr’s previous band The Slip was well-versed in these characteristics, which have carried over to a more-indie-leaning sound. Sarah Page, who plays a full-sized harp, has really shown her prowess on an instrument that is rarely featured in such a setting. The interplay between Brad on guitar with Page was a highlight on this evening.

The Barr Brothers

Tracks from their recently released EP Alta Falls were peppered throughout their colorful setlist, as one of the centerpieces of this band is their range of sound. Reserved moments of psychedelia can seamlessly lead into Americana-tinged segments, leaving a taste for all palettes to be consumed and enjoyed. “Love Ain’t Enough” was the climax as Brad soulfully belted out vocals so calm and relaxed that transcendence seemed within reach. One can only anticipate their next move and how they’ll continue to carve out a deeper, critically acclaimed niche.

The Barr Brothers

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