Going to Outside Lands this weekend? Take a bite out of our 2015 food guide

Outside Lands 2015 food guideWritten by Molly Kish //

We are less than a day away from this year’s Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival, and our stomachs are starting to growl. Beyond the stellar music and comedy lineups, the festival continues to draw crowds by celebrating the best of what the Bay Area’s culinary masters have to offer.

From local favorites to Michelin-rated cuisine, the holy trifecta of Beer Lands, Wine Lands and of course Choco Lands + Cheese Lands returns. Highlighting the mouth-watering fare of more than 75 regional vendors along with a boutique stage devoted to cooking performances and artist collaborations, Outside Lands has continued to evolve its food and beverage programs into the festival’s eighth year with its most impressive music lineup to date.

Although we could spend an entire weekend gorging ourselves on all of the grub each magical “land” has to offer, we’ve decided to streamline your experience with our top-five picks and pairings from this year’s “Taste of the Bay Area” at Outside Lands 2015.

By the way, here’s a pro tip: take some notes and print out a festival map here to better navigate your edible endeavors.

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El Huarache Loco

Eatery: El Huarache Loco
Dish: Huaraches

These Mexican treats are to be eaten during Hot Chip’s late Sunday afternoon set. We highly recommend chomping down on one during the opening beats of “Huarache Lights” to make the most of the moment.

Paired with: Sierra Nevada’s Outside Lands Saison

Humphrey Slocombe

Eatery: Humphry Slocombe
Dish: “Secret” Breakfast Ice Cream or Bourbon Coke Floats

Perking you up on Day 2 of the festival, Humphry Slocombe’s “Secret” Breakfast Ice Cream and/or Bourbon Coke Floats, either individually or as a combo, will get your engines revved up as you catch a riotous Outside Lands debut from the Chicago punk rockers in Twin Peaks.

Paired with: Even more whiskey or Calicraft Brewing Company’s Buzzerkeley

AQ Restaurant & Bar

Eatery: AQ Restaurant & Bar
Dish: Sweet, Spicy and Shroomy Waffles

Tap into your earth child and get your cruelty-free protein fix while tripping out to the heady vibes that will shine through during Aussie neo-psych rockers Tame Impala’s Saturday sunset set on the Lands End Stage.

Paired with: Crossbarn Winery’s 2012 Cabernet

Nojo Restaurant

Eatery: Nojo Restaurant
Dish: Spicy Japanese Style Tater Tots

Matching your flavor palette with your body temperature that will be both equally rising during D’Angleo and The Vanguard’s set on Friday night, Nojo provides some taste-bud tinglers served up in bite-size potato form and easy enough to simply pop in your mouth while you’re getting down to the sexiest act of the weekend. They could just be the perfect culinary scapegoat for a potentially drool-inducing performance.

Paired with: SakeOne’s Momokawa Pearl

Long Meadow Ranch

Eatery: Long Meadow Ranch
Dish: Cheese or Charcuterie Plate

Kendrick Lamar may be far from a “thug eating cheese from the government,” but be sure to pull some leaves from those “Money Trees” and treat yourself at Cheese Lands on the walk over to Twin Peaks before catching K-Dot on Saturday night.

Paired with: Almanac Beer Company’s Farmer’s Reserve Blackberry



Eatery: Rocko’s Ice Cream Tacos
Dish: Ice Cream Tacos or Frozen Bananas

Eatery: Three Babes Bakeshop
Dish: Chicken Pot Pie, Peach Pie or Apple Cider

Eatery: Stones Throw
Dish: Chicken Parmesan Sandwiches

Eatery: Namu Street Food
Dish: Japanese Pizza or Ra Bap Ramen Soup

Eatery: Straw
Dish: “The Ringmaster” Donut Cheeseburgers

Check out the full “Taste of the Bay Area” lineup here, the full Beer Lands lineup here and the full Wine Lands lineup here.

Wine Lands


Wine Lands will be completely cashless this year, and your Outside Lands wristband will be both your ticket and digital wallet. Also, be sure to stock up on “Bison Bucks” before the festival and select the “Enable Auto Top-Up” option. For every 75 “Bison Bucks” that is added to your cashless account before Friday at 10 a.m., Outside Lands will add five bonus “Bison Bucks” to your account. Begin your “cashless” registration here.

Beignets & Bounce Brunch


Friday, August 7th

Event: “Morimoto Karaoke”
Time: 5:30-6 p.m.

Iron Chef Morimoto shares his expertise in the art of sushi rolling and rocks the stage with his hidden talent. It’s only rock ‘n’ roll, but he likes it.

Saturday, August 8th

Event: “Truffle Shuffle” with Mina Test Kitchen and DJ Vin Sol
Time: 1:50-2:20 p.m.

Chef Adam Sobel from The Mina Group will be joined by dance instructor Julia Hubara to reinterpret the infamous “Truffle Shuffle” from 1985 cult classic “The Goonies”. Fans must “shuffle” for a taste of Sobel’s Truffle Ribeye Cheesesteak.

Event: “Beignets & Bounce Brunch” with Big Freedia and Brenda’s Soul Food
Time: 3:10-3:40 p.m.

New Orleans queen diva Big Freedia is back to shake and bounce during the second annual bounce brunch. Beignets from Brenda’s Soul Food will be available for those willing to twerk.

Event: “PopStars” with Emilie Baltz and Dan Deacon
Time: 6-6:30 p.m.

Baltimore-based electronic musician Dan Deacon provides the sweet sounds for this lickable popsicle orchestra imagined by experiential artist and storyteller Emilie Baltz. Join them on stage to help bring this concept to life, one lick at a time.

Sunday, August 9th

Event: “Sexual Chocolate” with Karl Denson and Guittard Chocolate Company
Time: 5:20pm – 5:50pm

The “Sexual Chocolate” band led by Karl Denson is going to take us back in time while renowned pastry chef Donald Wressell explores chocolate art. Make sure to look out for delicious Guittard chocolate bars, too.

Event: Mac Sabbath with Richie Nakano
Time: 6:50-7:35 p.m.

Los Angeles parody heavy metal tribute band Mac Sabbath bring their one-of-a-kind “Drive Thru Metal” show to GastroMagic while local chef Richie Nakano, formerly of Hapa Ramen, creates his “one time only” Nakano Nuggets. Join in if you dare!

View the full GastroMagic schedule here.

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