Vintage Trouble take things up a notch at The Indy

Vintage TroubleBy Steve Carlson //

Vintage Trouble with Greg Holden //
The Independent – San Francisco
October 3rd, 2015 //

Fresh off a long string of dates playing stadiums in support of AC/DC’s “Rock or Bust World Tour”, including a stop in SF at AT&T Park just a week prior, the Los Angeles-based quartet Vintage Trouble returned to the kind of club show that launched their career just a few short years ago, headlining a much-anticipated, sold-out show at The Independent last Saturday.

Magnetic frontman Ty Taylor led the foursome through tracks off their 2015 release 1 Hopeful Rd with a limber energy and zeal that you wouldn’t expect from a man of his age, frequently spinning, dancing and jumping — and at one point, even navigating through the packed audience for an impromptu performance from the floor and balcony.

Vintage Trouble

The band’s strong connection with their dedicated fans, known as the “TroubleMakers”, was on display thanks to Taylor’s charisma and culminated in the finale when its members left their instruments and made their way, one by one, through the adoring crowd to the merch table, where they posed for photographs and signed autographs. Highlights included the driving “Run Like the River”, the bass-driven groove “Doin’ What You Were Doin'” and the bombastic, dizzying “Blues Hand Me Down”.

Opening the show was KFOG-favorite Greg Holden, who tamed a few heavily inebriated TroubleMakers with his catchy, folk-pop melodies, thoughtful lyrics and a powerful voice. Highlights of his set included “Hold on Tight”, the hushed and powerful “Boys in the Street” and a crowd-pleasing singalong of “Give It Away” from his 2015 release Chase the Sun.

Soul Serenity
Blues Hand Me Down
Doin’ What You Were Doin’
Total Strangers
Another Man’s Words
Nancy Lee
Angel City, California
Run Like the River
Nobody Told Me
Before the Tear Drops
Strike Your Light
Run Outta You


  1. Hot band, hope they come to the UK again soon

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