After two sold-out nights at The Fillmore, LANY’s popularity only continues to trend upward

LANYBy Steve Carlson //

LANY with Dagny //
The Fillmore – San Francisco
October 30th, 2017 //

The first time I saw LANY perform in SF, they opened for X Ambassadors at The Independent back in 2015. I remember being impressed by their brief set and pondering that if there were ever a band that had the perfect ingredients to launch to stardom on a rocket ship, which in this case is the teen-female demographic, it was this one.

Raw, unapologetic lyrics about the joy and inevitable heartache of falling in and out of love? Check. Catchy, synth-laden pop hooks that you can’t get out of your head for days? Check. A deeply emotional and earnest male model for a frontman? Check!

And so, two years since LANY’s show at The Independent, the Los Angeles-based three-piece made a triumphant return to the Bay Area for two sold-out nights at The Fillmore in support of its debut self-titled LP. It was immediately clear from the line, which wrapped around the block, that despite cool temperatures, the band has grown an enviable, die-hard audience.


Opening the show was Norwegian pop singer Dagny, who charmed the packed room with her infectious smile and had the whole crowd dancing to her hook-filled grooves. You can expect to hear more from the “Backbeat” singer in the near future. And if her brief, yet energetic set was any indication, she has both the confidence and talent to be a star before long. But once the evening’s headliner stepped onstage (with an audio recording of a British woman politely informing us that we were about to experience “the best 80 minutes of our life”), it was clear that liftoff had been achieved.

LANY’s Jake Goss (drums) and Les Priest (guitar, keyboards) spent the majority of the night in the background, laying down ample beats and textures as frontman Paul Klein (vocals, guitar, keyboards) did what he does best, wearing his heart on his sleeve while engaging the mostly-female audience. Countless long-stem roses littered the antiseptically clean, shiny stage as the night went on, and Klein seemed to genuinely enjoy every minute of the promised 80-minute set, which felt like it was packed with far more hits than a band its age should already have (a benefit of releasing fresh tracks regularly in the form of EPs over the last two years), as well as a smartly chosen cover of Harry Styles’ recent hit “Sign of the Times”.

When Klein spoke, he did so with a noticeably greater maturity since that opening slot back at The Indy, which perhaps owes itself to the comfort and confidence that comes with achieving a certain measure of fame. Whatever the reason, it was clear from this performance in SF that LANY’s popularity is trending upward and their confidence is growing with it. It seems to me that their potential could perhaps be most closely compared to another emotionally charged pop band with a curly-haired frontman that’s hit another level in recent years: The 1975. That would not be bad company to be in if it pans out for them, but in the meantime, it should be interesting to see where LANY go with their future songwriting.

Coldplay live up to their “biggest band in the world” claim in front of 60,000 strong at Levi’s Stadium

ColdplayBy Steve Carlson //

Coldplay with Tove Lo, Alina Baraz //
Levi’s Stadium – Santa Clara, CA
October 4th, 2017 //

British rockers Coldplay brought their massive “A Head Full of Dreams” tour to Levi’s Stadium just a little over a year after their first visit, and it proved to be quite the spectacle.

Kicking off the night for the few fans who made it inside the stadium before sundown was LA-based rising star Alina Baraz, whose soulful, downtempo R&B vibes didn’t bring much energy to the lineup and felt overwhelmed by the massive stage. Nevertheless, her performance did hint at her immense talent. Be sure to catch her when she plays a smaller space in the future.

Next up was Swedish pop provocateur and Bay Area favorite Tove Lo. The Djursholm native showed considerably more energy out of the gate, confidently running out onto the stage and launching into spirited renditions of “True Disaster” from her 2016 LP Lady Wood and its title track. Unlike Baraz, Tove Lo seemed to enjoy herself (in more ways than one) and fed off the crowd’s growing energy.

Tove Lo

Tove Lo

The inclusion of the “Disco Tits” singer — with her confident sexuality, explicit lyrics and well-known tendency to expose herself onstage — might have seemed like an usual pairing with the unoffensive, family-friendly arena rock Coldplay are known for, but judging by the enthusiastic reactions from the significantly larger crowd, most were happy to go along for the ride.

Coldplay took the stage shortly before 9 p.m. as a video montage of fans who introduced them as “the biggest band in the world” played onstage. While I’m pretty sure there are a few other artists or groups from their side of the pond (ehem, U2) who might take issue with that claim, they certainly did nothing during their electric, almost two-hour performance to dissuade that sort of thinking. Chris Martin and company, in fact, wasted no time getting down to business, flooding the stadium with confetti and firing off pyrotechnics at a steady clip while opening with “A Head Full of Dreams” and subsequently all throughout the night.

By now, Coldplay’s show has been around the block a few times (this show being one of the last of their year-and-a-half long tour) and their shtick is well-known — the aforementioned confetti and pyro, light-up audience wristbands that sync with the music and Martin’s hyper-endearing goofiness cranked up to 11 — but more than a few concertgoers seemed genuinely concerned when the band abruptly cut off the intro to “Charlie Brown” to hold what looked like a “band meeting” by Will Champion’s drum kit.


Though Coldplay has been doing this every night as of late (they tell everyone it’s to discuss how they can get the audience to put their phones down and jump around more), it occurred just close enough to the well-publicized and somewhat controversial 10 p.m. curfew set by the City of Santa Clara that some seemed to think the band’s sound had been cut off. However, it wasn’t, and the band continued to mesmerize for another 45 minutes, well past curfew, to the delight of the more than 60,000 faithful.

That’s not bad for a band, which during their 2002 appearance at the Greek Theatre Berkeley suggested that one day we might stumble upon them playing a small room in Las Vegas and remark, “Oh, there’s that little Coldplay band!”

The biggest band in the world? Maybe, or maybe not. But there’s no doubt that Coldplay know how to play the part convincingly and won’t be slumming it in any Vegas bars any time soon.

A Head Full of Dreams (extended intro with Charlie Chaplin speech)
Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall
The Scientist
God Put a Smile Upon Your Face (with “Oceans” excerpt in intro)
Paradise (with Tiësto Remix outro)
Always in My Head
Everglow (dedicated to Tom Petty and victims of recent disasters)
Clocks (with “Army of One” excerpt in intro)
Midnight (partial)
Charlie Brown (restarted with Chris asking the crowd to turn off their phones for this song)
Hymn for the Weekend
Fix You (with “Midnight” excerpt in intro)
Viva la Vida
Adventure of a Lifetime
In My Place (acoustic, with a snippet of Tom Petty’s “Free Falling”)
Don’t Panic (acoustic; Will on lead vocals)
O (with fan from audience called Rece on piano)
Something Just Like This (The Chainsmokers & Coldplay cover)
A Sky Full of Stars
Up&Up (extended outro)

At the recently reopened UC Theatre, M. Ward digs into his dreamy folk-pop

M. WardBy Steve Carlson //

M. Ward with NAF //
The UC Theatre – Berkeley, CA
July 8th, 2016 //

Known for his excellent work with Monsters of Folk (Jim James, Conor Oberst and Mike Mogis) and Zooey Deschanel as one half of She & Him, M. Ward brought his dreamy style of folk-pop to the recently reopened UC Theatre in Berkeley last Friday night while on tour in support of his latest studio release More Rain.

Support was provided by Jenny Lewis’ newest project NAF (Nice As Fuck), a supergroup of sorts featuring Au Revoir Simone’s Erika Forster and The Like’s Tennessee Thomas. The trio performed its entire set in relative darkness in the middle of the main floor while surrounded by the audience.

Concertgoers were repeatedly asked to keep their cellphones in their pocket and be in the moment at the request of the artists, and thankfully the plea did not fall on deaf ears in the packed house, which made for a welcome respite from the usual sea of cell phone screens seen at shows nowadays. Luckily though, Showbams was on hand to document M. Ward’s memorable headlining performance.

Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors take a victory lap at The Chapel

Drew Holcomb and the NeighborsBy Steve Carlson //

Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors with Sean McConnell //
The Chapel – San Francisco
February 25th, 2016 //

The last year has been pretty good to singer-songwriter Drew Holcomb. Since releasing the critically lauded LP Medicine in early 2015, which debuted at No. 47 on the Billboard 200, he has toured extensively with his band The Neighbors in support of the record (including a visit to The Masonic in SF last summer to open for NEEDTOBREATHE), launched his own vinyl record club called Magnolia Record Club and continued to host the successful Moon River Music Festival in Memphis, which he founded two years ago. By this point, late in the album cycle for Medicine, you could expect that it might feel like a bit of a victory lap for Holcomb and his band when they came to town last Thursday night to perform at The Chapel — and it certainly felt that way for the capacity crowd by the end of the night.

Starting things off was folk/country artist Sean McConnell, who has had his share of success as a songwriter for such country superstars as Tim McGraw and Martina McBride. Now based in Nashville, McConnell quickly won over the audience with his sentimental, soulful ballads, including the show-stopping “Shotgun”, which he noted was recently recorded with Buddy Miller and Christina Aguilera for the ABC television series “Nashville”. But the highlight of McConnell’s set came with the rollicking “Save Our Soul”, a good old-fashioned, take-you-to-church country song that repeats the refrain “we all need a good second coming/a rebirth of rock ‘n’ roll/I can hear the guitars humming/someone save our soul”. It’s hard to imagine a better song to play at The Chapel, and the crowd happily responded with foot stomping and hollering aplenty. McConnell mentioned that he hasn’t toured much on the West Coast but hopes to more in the future.

Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors

After a short break, it was Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors’ turn to lead the faithful, and it’s safe to say he didn’t disappoint. The crowd was clearly well-acquainted with Holcomb’s music and showed the band plenty of love early and often. As one would expect, the setlist leaned heavily on material from Medicine, but also featured a number of cuts off 2013’s Good Light, including the album’s title track and a beautiful solo rendition of “What Would I Do Without You” during the encore. Holcomb also dug deeper into his catalog to unearth “Hallelujah”, which he paired nicely with a few bars of Counting Crows staple “Mr. Jones”. A few songs later, he gathered with his bandmates around a ribbon mic for hushed renditions of “Ain’t Nobody Got It Easy” and “Fire and Dynamite”, which were highlights of the night.

Late in the set, Holcomb opened the floor up to requests, which led to two more tracks off of Good Light: “Tennessee” and “Another Man’s Shoes”. The latter showed off Holcomb’s good nature as he struggled through the song (which he admitted to not having played in awhile), mixing up verses and forgetting lyrics, but he did it with both laughter and self-deprecation throughout. As the night came to a close and Holcomb launched into his final number, the lighthearted, call-and-response tune entitled “Here We Go”, he warned the audience with a grin that “the next three-and-a-half minutes are going to be fun!” Judging by the singing and dancing that took place over those three and a half minutes in addition to the thunderous and sustained applause as the band took their bows, he was undoubtedly right.

American Beauty
Good Light
Nothing But Trouble
Hallelujah > Mr. Jones (Counting Crows cover)
You’ll Always Be My Girl
When It’s All Said and Done
I Like to Be With Me When I’m With You
Live Forever
Ain’t Nobody Got It Easy
Fire and Dynamite
Another Man’s Shoes
Shine Like Lightning

What Would I Do Without You
Here We Go

Alessia Cara has a promising career ahead of her

Alessia CaraBy Steve Carlson //

Alessia Cara with Kevin Garrett, Craig Stickland, Leaf //
The Fillmore – San Francisco
February 11th, 2016 //

Toronto-area native and YouTube sensation Alessia Cara, 19, brought her soulful pop to The Fillmore last week in support of her debut LP Know-It-All, and the sold-out crowd was ready and eager for what proved to be a long and diverse night of music. The show featured no less than three opening acts, each with a completely different musical style from the others — truly a fitting lineup for the legendary Bill Graham’s former home.

First up was New York-based female rapper Leaf, who confidently hit the stage with a pair of dancers and later showed off the range of her talent by pulling out an acoustic guitar for a Justin Bieber singalong, which, unfortunately for her, fell a bit flat with the reserved crowd. Next was singer-songwriter Craig Stickland (not to be confused with the late country singer Craig Strickland), who stood and delivered a powerful set of soulful tunes with only the help of his acoustic guitar. And finally, there was Brooklyn soul-pop balladeer Kevin Garrett, who has toured alongside X Ambassadors and James Vincent McMorrow in the last year, arriving with a teddy bear look-alike in hand to serenade the audience with his own brand of smooth falsetto and downtempo, mellow pop.

Alessia Cara

With the stage clear for the night’s headlining act, Cara and her band arrived and proceeded to put on an energetic, hour-long set featuring every track from her debut album, culminating with the wildly popular single “Here” at the end of the main set. She paced back and forth across the stage like a caged animal, belting out her empowering hits with a confidence that went far beyond her age. But that’s not to say her youth didn’t show at times. When reflecting on the history of the legendary Fillmore, for example, Cara name-checked a few of the many famous acts who had played there, starting with … Coldplay. (She quickly redeemed herself with mentions of Jimi Hendrix and several others.) Thankfully, the appreciative crowd was more than happy to forgive her.

I’m Yours
Wild Things
Four Pink Walls
River of Tears
Scars to Your Beautiful

Sweater Weather (The Neighbourhood cover)
My Song

Troye Sivan proves that he is well beyond his years at the Fox Theater Oakland

Troye SivanBy Steve Carlson //

Troye Sivan with Allie X //
Fox Theater Oakland – Oakland
February 8th, 2016 //

There’s something devilishly unassuming about Troye Sivan. Maybe it’s his svelte, boyish appearance, which doesn’t immediately scream “pop star.” Or, maybe it’s his candor and approachability, his willingness to share his intimate thoughts and fears from the stage.

Whatever it is, once Sivan took the stage at the Fox Theater Oakland last Monday as part of his 44-date “Blue Neighbourhood Tour,” he immediately erased any doubts one might have had about his readiness for the spotlight.

Allie X

Allie X

Opening the show was enigmatic Canadian-turned-Los Angeleno songstress Allie X (born Alexandra Ashley Hughes), who also happened to co-write many of the songs on Sivan’s debut LP Blue Neighbourhood. Taking the stage in sunglasses and a dress that could best be described as oversized loofah material, Hughes showed off impressive theatricality with a style that seemed like a cross between Charli XCX and a Disney princess. One of the benefits of opening for an artist like Sivan is that you’re sure to have a full house early, as most of the die-hard fans had lined up early in the day, and Allie X made the most of the opportunity and was well-received in return.

Shortly thereafter, Sivan, cloaked in fog and and backlit by a spotlight, kicked off the night with the haunting track “Bite” off his new album, and things only got better from there. The sold-out venue, comprised of at least 80 percent teenage girls by this reviewer’s estimation, was nearly euphoric by the time the South African-born Australian’s energetic opening song was done, and the energy didn’t let down for the entire set. It wasn’t unusual to even witness grown adults racing back to their seats from the bar at various points in the set as the opening notes of other numbers were being played. That’s the kind of effect Sivan seems to have over people already.

Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan

It’s really quite amazing to think that Sivan has only been at this touring thing for a relatively short period of time. Although he’s dabbled in acting and music going well back into his teens and has been a YouTube sensation for several years (he boasts almost 4 million subscribers), he’s relatively inexperienced as a live performer. Sivan only began touring this past October, but he is much more polished and confident onstage than his age and experience would imply. His tight backing band, which includes Miley Cyrus’ keyboardist, probably helps with that, as they provided a solid sonic backdrop for his vocal talents. Given the fast start Sivan is off to, it’ll be very interesting to watch his career develop over the next few years.

for him.
Too Good
Love Yourself (Justin Bieber cover) (acoustic)
Happy Little Pill (acoustic)
Talk Me Down

Lost Boy

City and Colour pays tribute to the people of Paris on his latest trip to the bay

City and ColourBy Steve Carlson //

City and Colour with Hurray for the Riff Raff //
Fox Theater Oakland – Oakland
November 15th, 2015 //

Dallas Green, better known by his stage name City and Colour, brought an excellent backing band to Oakland last Sunday, treating a near-capacity crowd at the Fox to his unique blend of bluesy, indie-folk rock.

Green leaned heavily on his latest release If I Should Go Before You in the first half of the show, with a dark melancholy that sounded fantastic live, and then reached into his back catalog during the second half. The Canadian singer-songwriter finished with a six-song encore that was largely performed solo and opened with him dedicating a rendition of “Against the Grain” to the people of Paris in the wake of last Friday’s terrorist attacks, as Green stood in front of the French tricolor with starlights in the background.

Opening the show was New Orleans-based, indie-folk quintet Hurray for the Riff Raff, which seemed to genuinely appreciate the Sunday night crowd showing up on time and listening attentively to their set.

City and Colour

Northern Blues
Two Coins
If I Should Go Before You
Killing Time
Hello, I’m in Delaware
Wasted Love
Lover Come Back
We Found Each Other in the Dark
Sleeping Sickness
Mizzy C
The Grand Optimist
As Much As I Ever Could

Against the Grain
Save Your Scissors
Body in a Box
Northern Wind
The Girl
Hope for Now

Vintage Trouble take things up a notch at The Indy

Vintage TroubleBy Steve Carlson //

Vintage Trouble with Greg Holden //
The Independent – San Francisco
October 3rd, 2015 //

Fresh off a long string of dates playing stadiums in support of AC/DC’s “Rock or Bust World Tour”, including a stop in SF at AT&T Park just a week prior, the Los Angeles-based quartet Vintage Trouble returned to the kind of club show that launched their career just a few short years ago, headlining a much-anticipated, sold-out show at The Independent last Saturday.

Magnetic frontman Ty Taylor led the foursome through tracks off their 2015 release 1 Hopeful Rd with a limber energy and zeal that you wouldn’t expect from a man of his age, frequently spinning, dancing and jumping — and at one point, even navigating through the packed audience for an impromptu performance from the floor and balcony.

Vintage Trouble

The band’s strong connection with their dedicated fans, known as the “TroubleMakers”, was on display thanks to Taylor’s charisma and culminated in the finale when its members left their instruments and made their way, one by one, through the adoring crowd to the merch table, where they posed for photographs and signed autographs. Highlights included the driving “Run Like the River”, the bass-driven groove “Doin’ What You Were Doin'” and the bombastic, dizzying “Blues Hand Me Down”.

Opening the show was KFOG-favorite Greg Holden, who tamed a few heavily inebriated TroubleMakers with his catchy, folk-pop melodies, thoughtful lyrics and a powerful voice. Highlights of his set included “Hold on Tight”, the hushed and powerful “Boys in the Street” and a crowd-pleasing singalong of “Give It Away” from his 2015 release Chase the Sun.

Soul Serenity
Blues Hand Me Down
Doin’ What You Were Doin’
Total Strangers
Another Man’s Words
Nancy Lee
Angel City, California
Run Like the River
Nobody Told Me
Before the Tear Drops
Strike Your Light
Run Outta You

Special guests rule the night at Karl Denson’s post-Outside Lands superjam

Karl Denson's Tiny UniverseBy Steve Carlson //

Outside Lands night show: Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe superjam with special guests //
The Independent – San Francisco
August 9th, 2015 //

Karl Denson brought his jazz/funk band Tiny Universe and a variety of special guests to The Independent to close out Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival 2015 with one last late-night jam, and a capacity crowd was on hand to party along with him into the night.

The show was scheduled to start around 10 p.m., just after Elton John officially closed the festival at Golden Gate Park, but to the frustration of more than a few, including some fans who had traveled from as far away as Monterey, Calif., the show didn’t kick off until nearly 11:30 p.m. Once Denson took the stage and launched into “New Ammo” though, all was quickly forgiven.

Karl Denson's Tiny Universe

Over the course of the next two hours, Denson brought out guest after guest to help keep the party going, whether it was his old friends in Slightly Stoopid, Ian Neville of Dumpstaphunk, Alex Bleeker of Real Estate (for a beautiful rendition of The Dead’s “New Speedway Boogie”) or perhaps the biggest surprise of the whole evening, Paul Janeway of St. Paul and the Broken Bones, who had ditched his trademark suit for a T-shirt and baseball cap and proceeded to improvise a passionate cover of Otis Redding’s “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long” for the rapturous audience.

The show also leaned heavily on hometown talent with local favorite Nicki Bluhm taking the stage for a few songs, including a cover of The Rolling Stones’ “Tumblin’ Dice”, while the always-magnetic Ziek McCarter of Con Brio made an unannounced appearance after his Outside Lands “Sexual Chocolate” set with Denson earlier in the day. It was nice to see Denson give both Bluhm and McCarter generous stage time, reminding everybody in the house how lucky we are to have such incredible talent right here in SF.

Sufjan Stevens continues the grieving process at a sold-out Fox Theater Oakland

Sufjan StevensBy Steve Carlson //

Sufjan Stevens with Helado Negro //
Fox Theater Oakland – Oakland
June 5th, 2015 //

Indie-folk artist Sufjan Stevens played two sold-out shows at the Fox Theater in Oakland last Friday and Saturday, touring in support of his latest acclaimed work Carrie & Lowell.

Stevens mesmerized the seated audience Friday with a setlist expertly crafted to convey the tone of the aforementioned album, which deals with the grief Stevens experienced in the wake of losing his estranged mother Carrie. More than a few tears were shed throughout the audience and on stage, with Stevens burying his head in his hands at times before eventually reaching a sort of catharsis through an intense electronic explosion at the culmination of the fantastic “Blue Bucket of Gold”.

Sufjan Stevens

Stevens spoke of the need for community in the throes of grief, and the audience ably did their part to help him through this very public grieving process. At the end of the main set, a young woman crashed the stage to offer a bemused Sufjan something (a hug? words of love and encouragement?), and it seemed wholly appropriate, as if the audience needed in some small way to collectively reach out to the man after he bared his soul so openly.

Kicking off the show was experimental electronic artist Helado Negro, who brought along two “tinsel dancers” (or “glitter monks”?) to accompany him through his set of mellow pop tunes sung in both Spanish and English — a weirdly appropriate opener for an artist like Stevens to bring along on tour.

Redford (For Yia-Yia & Pappou)
Death With Dignity
Should Have Known Better
Drawn to the Blood
All of Me Wants All of You
John My Beloved
The Only Thing
Fourth of July
No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross
Carrie & Lowell
The Owl and the Tanager
In the Devil’s Territory
For the Widows in Paradise, For the Fatherless in Ypsilanti
The Dress Looks Nice on You
Futile Devices
To Be Alone With You
Blue Bucket of Gold

Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois
Casimir Pulaski Day
The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades Is Out to Get Us!

Jenny Lewis brings some swagger to a sold-out Fox Theater Oakland

Jenny LewisBy Steve Carlson //

Jenny Lewis with Nikki Lane //
Fox Theater Oakland – Oakland
May 28th, 2015 //

Jenny Lewis brought some swagger to the Fox Theater in Oakland last Thursday, and the capacity crowd welcomed her with open arms. In support of her latest album The Voyager, Lewis dug into her deep discography from the start, offering a number of Rilo Kiley tracks to the delight of fans along with a number of cuts from her other excellent solo releases. Opening the show was the outstanding Nikki Lane, whose bluesy take on country music charmed the early arrivals.

Head Underwater
Silver Lining (Rilo Kiley song)
The Moneymaker (Rilo Kiley song)
The Next Messiah
With Arms Outstretched (Rilo Kiley song)
Just One of the Guys
You Are What You Love (Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins cover)
Pretty Bird
The New You
Slippery Slopes
That’s That (Cass McCombs cover)
She’s Not Me
Love U Forever
A Better Son/Daughter (Rilo Kiley song)

Bad Man’s World
Give a Little Love (Rilo Kiley song)
Girl on Girl
Portions for Foxes (Rilo Kiley song)
Acid Tongue

Smallpools hook SF fans with plenty of pop

SmallpoolsBy Steve Carlson //

Smallpools with Grizfolk, Hunter Hunted //
The Independent – San Francisco
May 25th, 2015 //

Los Angeles-based pop quartet Smallpools brought their high-energy “LOVETAP!” tour to a sold-out Independent on Monday, demonstrating that their hook-laden debut album of the same name was an accurate reflection of what this band is capable of doing live.

Lead vocalist and keyboardist Sean Scanlon led the group through most of the tracks off their debut, many of which sound as though they are destined for heavy radio play, as well as an eerily accurate tease of the New Radical’s mega-hit “You Get What You Give” where Scanlon’s voice could have easily been confused for the New Radicals’ Gregg Alexander. Highlights of the evening included set-closer “Killer Whales” and the one-two punch of “Karaoke” and “Dreaming” during the encore, which were preceded by the oddly low-key choice of the instrumental album-closer “Submarine”.

Hunter Hunted

Hunter Hunted

Opening the show was Hunter Hunted, who originated in the Bay Area but now call LA home. Their impressive six-song set included their first single “Blindside”, which was well-received by an audience that seemed largely unaware of their music going in. They return to the Bay Area on July 15th at Slim’s in a double-headlining show with Young Rising Sons and are expected to release their debut LP sometime in the near future.

Next up was no stranger to Bay Area music fans in indie-rock quintet Grizfolk. The band rollicked through their set of crowd-pleasing tracks from the 2014 EP From the Spark, including highlights Vagabonds and The Struggle, as well as two cover songs. Grizfolk returns to play BottleRock on May 30th.

Over & Over
Street Fight
No Story Time
What’s That a Picture Of?
A Real Hero (College cover)
Drum Solo
American Love
Mason Jar
9 to 5
Admission to Your Party
Killer Whales

‘OctaHate’ singer Ryn Weaver dances, twirls and belts her way through energetic set at The Indy

Ryn WeaverBy Steve Carlson //

Ryn Weaver with Tiaras //
The Independent – San Francisco
April 15th, 2015 //

Midway between her two appearances in the Mojave Tent at Coachella, up-and-coming artist Ryn Weaver (aka Erin Michelle Wüthrich) brought her infectious brand of power pop to an eager capacity crowd at The Independent on Wednesday night. Anticipation has been growing for the “OctaHate” singer’s debut LP The Fool, which is scheduled to arrive June 16th, and her performance left little doubt that the anticipation is well-deserved.

Weaver danced, twirled and belted her way through a tight and energetic 11-song set that clocked in at just 45 minutes, even with breaks for stage banter. The highlights included the tracks “Stay Low” and “Sail On” from her 2014 EP Promises, as well as a lively rendition of her viral hit “OctaHate” to close out the show.

Ryn Weaver

It was a sort of a homecoming for the 22-year-old songstress from Encinitas, Calif., who shared that she had been effectively homeless for the last couple of years while couch surfing with friends living here in the City (many of them were present at the show). She also shared her love for the city by the bay, stating that when she gets her own apartment someday, it’ll be in SF.

Judging by the crowd’s reaction to her short but powerful set, she’ll certainly be welcomed back with open arms.