SF Show of the Week // GO4FREE to Electric Six at The Independent 3/20 (SUN)

Electric SixWritten by Nik Crossman //

Electric Six with Yip Deceiver //
The Independent – San Francisco
March 20th, 2015 //

Coming from Michigan in 1996, Electric Six (aka E6) played shows early on at The Old Miami and Gold Dollar in Detroit, two local venues that also helped promulgate The White Stripes. Infused with garage, disco, punk, new wave and metal, the amalgamation of Electric Six’s sound is best summarized by their first hit single “Danger! High Voltage”.

It’s been 20 years since Dick Valentine (born Tyler Spencer) brought this group of musical hooligans together under its original moniker The Wildbunch. With 11 full-length albums under their belt and some new band members, Electric Six are no stranger to the spotlight and as their name suggests, commands a live performance worth experiencing.

Back in 2014, the six-piece launched a Kickstarter campaign, successfully raising $65,000 to produce a two-disc compilation entitled Mimicry and Memories, which was comprised of 12 covers, a collection of outtakes and live performances from the past two decades.

With opening support from their friends and collaborators Yip Deceiver, Electric Six will stop in SF this Sunday to take The Independent through a journey of garage rock/new-wave metal. Tickets are available for $18 at the door, or you could win a pair of tickets by submitting your full name and email below.

Contest ends this Friday at 3 p.m.

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