Geographer’s stock continues to rise to the delight of their Bay Area fans

GeographerPhotos by Karen Goldman // Written by Kevin Quandt //

Geographer with The Crookes //
The New Parish – Oakland
March 31st, 2016 //

Mike Deni’s stock has been rising quickly in recent years, as Geographer grows from local stalwart into nationally recognized indie act. His dreamy take on things has earned him a loyal following of 20-somethings, and this was made evident by his band’s packed show at The New Parish last Thursday.

Fresh off a “10-pack” of gigs at South by Southwest, UK up-and-comers The Crookes warmed up the room in stellar fashion. It shouldn’t be too long before these youngsters are headlining a night at Popscene with their up-tempo, dance-pop offerings that are undeniably catchy.

The room was abuzz by the time Geographer had taken the stage, and Deni and company did not disappoint. Geographer know how to delight their fans, and this intimate setting allowed for a deeper connection than some of their larger local shows in the past year. One highlight was “Kites”, beckoning back to their early EP Animal Shapes. And like that, the locomotive had pulled into station for the night and we all resumed our “normal” lives.

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