Ra Ra Riot take their SF fans down memory lane

Ra Ra RiotBy Diana Cordero //

Ra Ra Riot //
The Independent – San Francisco
March 27th, 2016 //

New York natives Ra Ra Riot put on an eclectic performance during their sold-out show at The Independent last month. The band is now on tour to promote its new studio album Need Your Light, a refined compilation of songs that came out in February.

But not all of Ra Ra’s show consisted of brand-new material. As a matter of fact, their setlist was full of anthems, and you could tell the crowd was just going down memory lane song after song.

Ra Ra Riot

The five-piece, made up of vocalist Wes Miles, bassist Mathieu Santos, guitarist/keyboardist Milo Bonacci, violinist Rebecca Zeller and drummer Kenny Bernard, was in great shape. They sounded very tight and were in a good mood, which was reflected in the audience’s response. Full of energy, Miles bounced around all night long as Zeller hopped on keyboards every now and then, forcing Bonacci to switch back to his guitar.

After forming in 2006, Ra Ra Riot now tours with a new cellist after Alexandra Lawn left the band to focus on her own solo project. Fortunately, her absence was not significantly felt, as the indie-rock outfit still flows better than ever.

It seems that in every city they visit, Ra Ra Riot is still receiving plenty of excitement from fans, which is not something most indie bands can claim in this day and age. But for not being a nostalgia act, Miles and company appear to be headed down a solid path.

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