Cursive’s Tim Kasher breathes an orchestral breath into his solo music at The Echo

Tim KasherBy Rochelle Shipman //

Tim Kasher //
The Echo – Los Angeles
May 3rd, 2017 //

Tim Kasher stopped by The Echo in LA last Wednesday during his tour behind No Resolution, the latest LP in a string of beautifully bummer solo releases about the realities of growing up and growing old.

The Cursive/Good Life frontman tapped a carefully constructed backing band to breathe an orchestral breath into some cuts from his extensive catalog, including some older songs that don’t normally get the spotlight.

He also announced the release of a feature film he wrote and directed that’s coming later this year, seemingly (fortunately/unfortunately) unrelated to his 2013 studio album Adult Film.

A Raincloud Is a Raincloud
Cold Love
No Fireworks
Lay Down Your Weapons
Break Me Open
Night and Day (The Good Life cover)
An Answer for Everything
Into the Fold (Cursive cover)
Bloody Murderer (Cursive cover)
The Prodigal Husband
No Secret

From the Hips (Cursive cover)
Truly Freaking Out

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