SF Show of the Week // GO4FREE to Ghostface Killah at Mezzanine 8/20 (THUR)

Ghostface KillahWritten by Nik Crossman //

GhostFace Killah with BADBADNOTGOOD, Show Me the Body //
Mezzanine – San Francisco
August 20th, 2015 //

Well known under the alias Ghostface Killah (GFK) and a prominent member of the Wu-Tang Clan, Dennis Coles comes straight out of Staten Island, N.Y., and has been dubbed as “one of the most colorful storytellers rap has ever seen.”

After the Wu-Tang Clan experienced breakthrough success in the 90’s, Ghostface Killah built his solo career around his debut album Ironman, reaching No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart. Steering away from the sounds of the Wu-Tang Clan, GFK’s music is greatly influenced by 70’s soul, a musical trait that has remained consistent throughout his career.

Now, GFK is coming to Mezzanine this Thursday to tell his “painterly fiction” with Toronto instrumental hip-hop trio BADBADNOTGOOD and NY hardcore band Show Me the Body.

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Fucked Up: August 19th (WED) at The Independent
The Black Ryder: August 21st (FRI) at The Independent
Meiko: August 22nd (SAT) at The Independent


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The Jesus and Mary Chain celebrate 30 years of ‘Psychocandy’ at The Warfield

The Jesus and Mary ChainBy Mike Rosati //

The Jesus and Mary Chain with The Black Ryder, DJ Omar Perez //
The Warfield – San Francisco
May 16th, 2015 //

Scottish alternative rock outfit The Jesus and Mary Chain stopped off in SF last weekend to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their debut album Psychocandy. Closing out its nine-city North American road trip at The Warfield on a Saturday night, the five-piece warmed up the crowd with songs from across its catalog before digging into Psychocandy and playing the 14-track LP from start to finish. Australian psych/alt-rock duo The Black Ryder, performing tunes from their 2009 debut Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride and their 2015 follow-up The Door Behind the Door, and local DJ Omar Perez opened the show.

April Skies
Head On
Some Candy Talking
Up Too High
Upside Down

Just Like Honey
The Living End
Taste the Floor
The Hardest Walk
Cut Dead
In a Hole
Taste of Cindy
Never Understand
Inside Me
Sowing Seeds
My Little Underground
You Trip Me Up
Something’s Wrong
It’s So Hard

Noise Pop 2015: Who made the ‘most’ of SF’s 12-day indie fest?


Caribou at The Fillmore // Photo by Justin Yee

Photos by Justin Yee, Pedro Paredes, Mike Rosati, Alfonso Solis & Nicole Alfaro // Written by Molly Kish //

Noise Pop //
Bay Area venues – San Francisco & Oakland
February 20th-March 1st, 2015 //

2015 marked the Bay Area’s 23rd annual celebration of independent music, art, film and more, affectionately known as Noise Pop. Running 12 full days and taking place at more than 20 different venues throughout SF and the East Bay, this marathon party is best described as the West Coast version of South by Southwest.

Each year, Noise Pop highlights both the biggest stars within the independent music and art industries as well as emerging artists performing at the peak of their games and has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to booking their acts — and this year was no exception. Curating a demographic of music fans with limitless knowledge, expectations and preferential ranges, this festival never fails to create some of the most memorable experiences in live entertainment throughout the Bay Area.

Noise Pop remains one of our favorite times of the year, not only for its amazing lineups and exceptional performances, but also for its genuine ability to bring music and lifestyle connoisseurs from across the globe to extrapolate, communicate and participate in the independent culture of the Bay Area.

Here are some of our favorite moments from Noise Pop 2015.

Most Likely to Have a Hospital Bill: Ben Gibbard

Gibbard enlisted Sun Kill Moon’s Mark Kozelek to play guitar for him after breaking his wrist before his big opening night performance at the Swedish American Music Hall. We’re still surprised the notorious shit talker (Kozelek) didn’t give Gibbard a harder time about it, considering the last song off Kozelek’s Benji is titled “Ben’s My Friend” and is about how Kozelek went to the Greek Theatre in Berkeley to watch Gibbard play with The Postal Service before proceeding to have a mental breakdown.

Runner-up: PPL MVR

This second-place honor goes to SNWBLL after the band had to cancel its performance at Bottom of the Hill due to some unfortunate bladder issues.

The Black Ryder

Most Likely to Inspire 2015 Festival Fashion: The Black Ryder

Dark, brooding and beautifully tragic. Beyond the torrid love affair story and musical diatribe to accompany the duo of Aimee Nash and Scott Van Ryper, the band embodies its self-proclaimed “Rhinestone Drone” sound into a wicked wardrobe, guaranteed to materialize on the proverbial polo fields across the nation this summer.

Runner-up: Bestie

The Vancouver outfit brought some creativity to the merch table with fun and functional band gear, such as koozies and friendship bracelets, as you can see here via Instagram.



Most Bar-Raising Performance of the Festival: Kindness

“(Adam) Bainbridge grabbed one audience member’s cell phone out of its hands and filmed himself as well as the crowd with it at one point, elevating the crowd-interaction a notch. He sang from on top of the bar at stage left, walked into the crowd with his mic and made a huge lap while singing to individuals in the audience to end the night.”

Read the full review here.

Dan Deacon

Act Most Likely to Prompt a Mind-Altering Freak Out: Dan Deacon

“Layer upon insane layer of sound interprets into harmonious infectiousness, a feat that hints at an intersection of mathematical and creative genius. The guy takes all sorts of frequencies and cross sections of genre elements and composes it all together into a crescendo of weird, atypical pop. And by weird, I mean the very good kind of weird.”

Read the full review here.

Holly Herndon

Runner-up: Holly Herndon

“People laughed nervously as a slow burn of glitch sounds began to emerge, and before you knew it, her browsing gave way to an interactive, virtual world featuring two-dimensional cutouts of people floating about while strategically-placed cameras around the room recorded and projected images of the crowd, usually catching them unexpectedly on their phones, on two adjacent screens.”

Read the full review here.

Surfer Blood

Most Entertaining Attempt at a Cover Song: Surfer Blood

These guys covered “Hey Sandy” by Polaris, aka the theme song for “The Adventures of Pete & Pete.”

Runner-up: Girrafage‘s rendition of Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA”


Most Likely to Be Headlining Future Festivals: Caribou

Absolutely destroying two back-to-back, sold-out nights at The Fillmore, Caribou’s live show is currently on a world tour, hitting all of the largest festival stages in its wake. We unanimously believe that this act will be one of the biggest of 2015 and are keeping our fingers crossed that they will be filling the empty spot in their August tour schedule with a stop at this year’s Outside Lands Music Festival.

Flight Facilities

Runner-up: Flight Facilities

“… to consider booking this lineup on a ‘school night’ at a venue with a max capacity of 1,424 people was a pretty bold call. Subsequently though, it was also one that paid off in easily the largest dance party of the festival.”

Read the full review here.

Les Sins

Most Likely to Break the “Local Music” Barrier: Les Sins

“Intermingling his own material with disco classics, 90’s pop jams and dirty trap beats, Bundick had the crowd on fire and easily could have prolonged the party well into the after hours had there been the option to do so.”

Read the full review here.


Runner-up: Geographer

With a doctored lineup and powerful new songwriting approach, Mike Deni has taken full reign of the band’s beloved history of material and is moving forward into bold, uncharted territory — a leap of faith that just might cover the extra ground needed to penetrate a mainstream audience.

SF Shows of the Week // GO4FREE to TV Girl, Les Sins, Mystery Skulls or Kindness at Noise Pop 2015

TV Girl, Le Sins, Mystery Skulls & KindessWritten by Molly Kish //

We got your tickets to six of the top featured shows at Noise Pop 2015.

But first, make sure to read our festival guide so you get the most out of San Francisco’s essential 12-day indie fest.

Win a pair of free tickets to one of our Shows of the Week by entering your name and email below.

Contests for all weekday shows end at 3 p.m. on the day of show. Contests for all weekend shows end at 3 p.m. this Friday.

The Black Ryder: February 24th (TUE) @ Rickshaw Stop // BUY TICKETS
Celebrating the release of their brand-new album The Door Behind the Door, Australian “rhinestone drone” outfit The Black Ryder make their only Bay Area tour stop during Noise Pop 2015. Detailing their recent break-up and writing process throughout the record, Aimee Nash and Scott Von Ryper bring their psychedelic ocean of hypnotic noise to Rickshaw Stop on Tuesday night.

Contest ends this Tuesday at 3 p.m.

TV Girl: February 25th (WED) @ Brick & Mortar Music Hall // BUY TICKETS
Trung Ngo and Brad Petering first called attention to themselves as TV Girl in 2010 after the release of their critically-acclaimed single “If You Want It” featuring a Todd Rundgren sample, which got them into a small copywrite debacle with Warner Music Group. Taking the high road, the twosome went on to release their material independently and absent of much Internet presence, managed to book several tour dates, including one at South by Southwest, and produce various EPs, a mixtape and a full studio album entitled French Exit.

Contest ends this Tuesday at 3 p.m.

Eleanor Friedberger: February 26th (THUR) @ Brick & Mortar Music Hall // BUY TICKETS
Frontwoman of the Fiery Furnaces and acclaimed singer-songwriter, Eleanor Friedburger brings her Personal Record to Brick & Mortar Music Hall on Thursday night. Channeling the golden age of California rock ‘n’ roll, Freidburger draws influence from her 70’s idols, dictating a narrative that is both personal and universally relate-able. Paying tribute to the sun-tinged pop aesthetics of timeless classics penned by her predecessors, she brings a modern flare to the classic rock formula, creating a sound that is romantically vibrant, unequivocally defined and truly her own.

Contest ends this Wednesday at 3 p.m.

Les Sins: February 26th (THUR) @ The New Parish // BUY TICKETS
Side project of chillwave ambassador and Toro Y Moi frontman Chaz Bundick, Les Sins was born from a series of 12” records Bundwick released on independent record labels Carpark and Jiaolong as “just another way to make weirder music without alienating TYM fans”. Offering a creative outlet for Bundick to experiment electronically, Les Sins spawned further obscure productions in addition to several alternate monikers, a tour CD-R, singles, collaborative interactive albums and a full length entitled Michael released on Bundick’s very own Company Records in November. Here is your chance to check out this talented renaissance man “work” it out at The New Parish.

Contest ends this Wednesday at 3 p.m.

Mystery Skulls: February 26th (THUR) @ Mezzanine // BUY TICKETS
Dallas native Luis Dubuc formed Mystery Skulls in 2011 after departing former project The Secret Handshake, packing up his belongings and officially setting up shop in Los Angeles. There, he refined his synthpop sound, released his four-song, self-titled EP and has been operating full steam ahead under his new moniker ever since. Opening for Flume and working alongside Chromeo, Avicii and Yeasayer at sold-out venues and festivals throughout Southern California, Mystery Skulls caught the attention of Warner Bros., signing a record deal with them, and in the meantime, is now working with Nile Rogers and Chic on their upcoming album while also producing his own full-length debut. Don’t miss him Thursday at Mezzanine with Blackbird Blackbird opening.

Contest ends this Thursday at 3 p.m.

Kindness: February 28th (SAT) @ Mezzanine // BUY TICKETS
Solo project of singer Adam Bainbridge, Kindness has become synonymous with a type of musical exploration focused on found work, sound sources and collaborations, all meant to branch out from atypical pop music into various mediums and creative fields. Winner of the Eric James Johnson Memorial Fellowship award while attending the Philadephia Institute for Advanced Study, Bainbridge credits his work to the “natural and verifiable magic”, of real interactions with fellow artists and contributors to his work. Playing a unique live show this Friday at Mezzanine, he’ll be performing with a full band usually saved for his festival dates and special one-off tour stops. You’ll want to catch this rare and extremely exceptional festival highlight.

Contest ends this Friday at 3 p.m.


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