Con Brio bids farewell to Xandra Corpora at The Independent

Photos by Marc Fong

Xandra Corpora, the lovely lead lady for Con Brio, said goodbye to her bandmates in what was her farewell performance Friday evening at The Independent in San Francisco. Loyal fans were in attendance for the local SF band’s final performance with Corpora’s strikingly soulful vocals taking center stage.


  1. They do have a great system. However, the instruments were too loud and overdriven and the vocals couldn’t be heard well at all. I actually saw Xandra’s mouth moving and couldn’t hear her singing. I’ve listened to “From the Hip” a gazillion times and have been to other shows, so I wasn’t without a basis for reference.

  2. “…with Corpora’s strikingly soulful vocals taking center stage.”

    I wish. The sound was awful and I could hardly hear Xandra. I was sadly disappointed and left early.

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