Zion I, MKSMTH, 1-O.a.k. bring genre-bending hip-hop back home


By Benjamin Wallen //

Zion I with MKSMTH, 1-O.a.k. //
The Independent – San Francisco
May 16th, 2014 //

Genre-bending hip-hop, in many ways, is what the Bay Area eats up, and for good reason. 1-O.a.k., playing with a live band, revved the house up on point — the music felt super tight throughout. MKSMTH then took the stage with special guest Daghe, bringing a number of explosive hip-hop tracks with bangin’ beats. Bay Area locals Zion I took the stage shortly after to a pumped-up Independent, and a packed crowd was giving the energy back to all the performers. Zion I’s presence on stage is undeniable, and their vibe is as contagious as ever. Combine that with incredible flows, and it was a connected performance filled with plenty of UMPH!

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