Is Lightning in a Bottle shedding its ‘boutique’ label to go mainstream?

Lightning in a Bottle

FESTIVAL REVIEW: The Do LaB has created one of the most unique experiences on the entire U.S. festival circuit, but whether LIB can maintain its “boutique” label remains to be seen.

Is the Lightning in a Bottle lineup becoming a mini version of Coachella’s?

Lightning in a Bottle

FESTIVAL PREVIEW: LIB has slowly but surely started to share more and more of the same artists that have recently graced the polo fields in Indio.

Zion I, MKSMTH, 1-O.a.k. bring genre-bending hip-hop back home

PHOTOS: Zion I’s presence on stage is undeniable, and their vibe is contagious as ever, and they headlined at the Indy earlier this month.