Deap Vally’s hard-rockin’ sound is gritty, raw fun

Deap-Vally_postPhotos by Marc Fong // Written by Nikki de Martini //

Band of Skulls with Deap Vally //
The Regency Ballroom – San Francisco
May 22nd, 2014 //

The little ladies of Deap Vally brought big, bluesy rock sounds to The Regency Ballroom when they opened for Band of Skulls last month.

The LA-based duo took the stage in SF looking like “bandaides” straight out of Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous as they rocked a bohemian hodgepodge of ruffles, feathers, leather and lace. Yet their bold music emulated the 1970’s rock ‘n’ roll bands of which the movie is based.

Fans cheered as the hard-rockin’ grunge-sludge heard throughout their debut album, Sistrionix, roared off the stage, engulfing the room with gritty, raw fun.

Ripping massive guitar and pounding-heavy drums hit the crowd, leaving them head-banging and toe-tapping along to every outspoken song.


Shouting hardly ceased as the set rolled on and grew louder when Lindsey told fans how happy they were to be back in SF, showcasing their fun loving wit by adding “it just smells better…if you know what I mean.”

The pairing of Lindsey Troy tearing it up on guitar with her deep, almost raspy, vocal range combined with her redheaded counterpart Julie Edwards killing it on the drum kit is comparable to the likes of The White Stripes. Like The Stripes, Deap Vally are two passionate musicians, playing undisputable garage-blues rock, making a lot of enjoyable noise while being damn good at it.

Deap Vally left San Francisco more than ready to keep rockin’ with the headlining act, Band of Skulls.

Next time they hit the road, it should likely be as headliners.



Deap Vally setlist:

1) Baby I Call Hell
2) Gonna Make My Own Money
3) Ain’t Fair
4) Lies
5) Grunge Bond
6) 6 Feet Under
7) Walk of Shame
8) End of the World


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