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TV On The RadioSeeds

TV On The Radio is responsible for one of the best indie records of all time with Dear Science, and their follow-up Nine Types of Light was largely underrated. So, how does the groups’ fifth LP Seeds — their first as a foursome — hold up?

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This is a solid addition to TVOTR’s incredible body of work, with running themes of lost love, second chances and the transitory nature of modern relationships. Focusing heavily on “the feels,” lyrically the album plays out as a series of questions experienced through trials and error, in the context of an internal dialogue happening between a lover and the objects of his affection. A much more pop-driven album than TVOTR’s previous electronic and punk rock full lengths, Seeds is a polished product drawing formulaic inspiration from contemporary R&B and dance records. Top tracks include, “Careful You,” “Happy Idiot” and “Right Now,” which sonically alludes to the emotionally stunning “Family Tree” off of 2008’s Dear Science. It’s my favorite track hands down and personal pick for track “most likely to be remixed into a club banger” by the first DJ smart enough to pick up on the gem. -Molly Kish
3 BAMS // Top Track: “Right Now”

With expectations at an all-time high after the release of Nine Types of Light, TV On The Radio had to know that following up one of 2011’s best albums would be no easy task. But the Brooklyn-based art rockers can certainly be proud of what they have devised on their fifth studio effort Seeds. Serving as the group’s first record since the death of bassist and keyboardist Gerard Smith, the 14-track LP remains its most diverse yet as TVOTR flirts with funk (see “Quartz” and “Right Now”), synthpop (see “Careful You” and “Seeds”), indie rock (see “Happy Idiot,” “Winter” and “Lazzeray”) and something in between them all (see “Test Pilot,” “Love Stained” and “Trouble”). While lead vocalist Tunde Adebimpe continues to captivate listeners with one of rock ‘n’ roll’s most unique voices, Dave Sitek shows once again that he’s the brains behind the band, not only recording Seeds at his Federal Prism studio in LA, but also serving as its producer. Even though TVOTR has always proved to be more than a respectable act in the studio, it’s no secret to their fans that they still excel most in a live setting. -Josh Herwitt
3.5 BAMS // Top Song: “Careful You”

WOW! TV On The Radio have released the album that the world needs right now. Right out of the gate, Seeds delivers the tasty and eclectic sounds that the band has been known for throughout their previous albums. Within the first three tracks, you’re seeing just how dynamic and cool this band can be. Through the album you are presented with a soulful, delightfully progressive set of songs that also fall on traditional arrangement in a way that totally works. Perhaps not the best album you’ll hear all year, but VERY GOOD!! -Andrew Pohl
4.5 BAMS // Top Songs: “Could You”, “Careful You”

On their fifth full album release, TV On The Radio failed to hit the high water mark they’ve set for themselves. This isn’t to say the album is terrible by any means, but the songs run together blandly and only three or four of them really stick out to me. I can see myself being a little bored at the live show if they strung a few of these together, patiently waiting for a blissful earlier cut. -Steve Wandrey
3 BAMS // Top Song: “Winter”



  1. Rion Graham says:

    Another great effort from TVOTR with Seeds. They’ve managed to keep the unnerving edge in their music I’ve always enjoyed, but with a slightly slicker presentation than I’m used to hearing from them. ‘Careful You’ on repeat at work will do the trick. 3.5 Bams.

    I’m interested in seeing Cold War Kids with Avid Dancer at The Fox

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