Showbams Presents: The Soft White Sixties, Mahgeetah & Coo Coo Birds at Brick & Mortar 1/28 (WED)


Showbams Presents: The Soft White Sixties, Mahgeetah, Coo Coo Birds //
Brick & Mortar Music Hall – San Francisco
January 28th, 2015 //

We’re presenting our first show this Wednesday at Brick & Mortar Music Hall in San Francisco, and we want you to join us. Some of our favorite local SF acts will be blowing the venue doors right off their hinges, so enter below for your chance to GO4FREE.

BUY TICKETS if you know you want to go.


The Soft White Sixties have hit the bricks hard the past couple of years promoting their debut LP Get Right. while introducing “Working Class Soul” to live music fans across the US. Covering the group’s album release show, we wrote, “Octavio Genera commands a crowd like a champion – His enthusiasm is evident, and this bolsters the sound created by his talented band.” In reviewing the group’s Noise Pop show last year, we proclaimed, “This band excels at hard-driving rock, which they delivered in a big way many times throughout the night with well-placed lighter songs to bring things back to earth once in a while. In essence, The Soft White Sixties curate a well-paced show.”

If you’re a fan of music from The Black Keys, Pickwick or Delta Spirit, then head toward the Mission this Wednesday evening for the last show on The Soft White Sixties’ concert calendar.


One of our favorite indie acts from the Bay Area, Mahgeetah, will be teeing up TSWS’ final night of their residency, which has us pretty excited. Take a peep at what we said about Mahgeetah’s live show last summer: “All hail Mahgeetah as they continue to be an important piece in the local music scene. “Creature of Habit” was passionately belted out by guitarist JJ Mellon, a standout on the their LP that has become a treat on stage. Longtime favorite tune, “Long Shot”, was another highlight as the slow build from Fisher and band burst with energy and groove comparable to White Denim. The rhythm section, featuring Tim Tyson on bass and Alex Swain on percussion, has always been a strong suit for this San Francisco act, and tonight showed no exception.”


Grimy psych-rock with a savage, spiritual narrative will be getting our asses into Brick & Mortar plenty early this Wednesday to see Coo Coo Birds. Let’s let the guys from Coo Coo Birds set the stage themselves: “Noted for causing spiritual awakening in the members of their congregation; the band’s live performances are considered by many- even by those outside of the occult- to be a religious experience. Abandoning modern conveniences for a more corporal connection with the Divine, the group is rumored to have recorded their prayers using ancient methods; including magnetic tapes, and primitive amplification.” Sounds good. We’re in.


Join us this Wednesday for free (if you’re lucky) by entering your name and email below. Contest ends Tuesday at 2 p.m. We’ll notify you by mid-day Wednesday if you are going for free.

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    Showbams Presents: The Soft White Sixties, Mahgeetah & Coo Coo Birds at Brick & Mortar 1/28 (WED) – Showbams

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