The Dean Ween Group show that even half of Ween is still a great thing

The Dean Ween GroupBy Marc Fong //

The Dean Ween Group //
The Independent – San Francisco
October 8th, 2015 //

It’s been a while since SF was lucky enough to watch Ween perform live, and even though only half of Ween made it out to The Independent last Thursday, The Dean Ween Group managed to put on a pretty amazing show.

Hardcore Ween fans packed the sold-out venue and exploded into cheering when The Dean Ween Group finally took the stage. Born Mickey Melchiondo, the 45-year-old Dean Ween and his bandmates — Dave Dreiwitz (bass), Claude Coleman, Jr. (drums), Roger Water’s son Harry Waters (keyboards), who was replacing Glenn McClelland, and Scott Rednor (guitar) — played the fan favorites with the same aplomb and humor that made the original duo great, showing that half of Ween is still a great thing.


  1. Harry Waters (Rogers Waters son) is on keys Glenn had to play with Blood Sweat & Tears, true story

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