There’s a lot more to Patrick Watson’s band than just the man himself

Patrick WatsonPhotos by Victoria Smith // Written by Emmanuel Castro //

Patrick Watson //
The Independent – San Francisco
October 11th, 2015 //

Montreal-based band Patrick Watson will tell you themselves that they are just that, a band, which also happens to be the name of their singer-songwriter. The line between the two is confusing.

On Sunday at The Independent, they ensured that every crowd member left knowing they are more than a solo project with a backing band. The group selected heavily from tracks off their latest release Love Songs for Robots out on Domino Records, which they are currently on tour supporting.

Patrick Watson

Watson’s creamy voice floating over sexualized beats had nearly every couple in the audience passionately kissing during multiple points of the show. On songs like “Good Morning Mr. Wolf” and “Bollywood”, the Canadians showed off their dynamic scope through eloquent transitions from hushed falsettos to thundering drums with a matching light show that was nothing short of inspiring. Watson’s songs push the structural envelope of songwriting by surprising the listener and not always returning them to the expected location.

For the well-deserved encore, Watson closed the evening with a swooning solo rendition of “Lighthouse” off 2012’s Adventures in Your Own Backyard.

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