10 new songs that you should know about & hear

Top songs - Weezer, Hozier, Foals & Bad SunsWritten by Wes Severson //

I’ve combed through the list of recent songs that have been released by record labels big and small. These 10 fresh, new efforts certainly made a mark on me, and I’m pretty sure they will strike some kind of emotion in you.

10. Peter Bjorn and John – “Bones”


“Bones” is the first offering from Peter Bjorn and John’s new three-track EPBJ EP. It’s a super soft and mellow song, but the chorus delivers and also makes you think.

9. MØ – “Theme Song (I’m Far Away)”


The Danish singer-songwriter continues to use her amazing voice to dazzle our ears. But this time, MØ’s latest release goes beyond that and serves as the theme song for “Moominvalley,” a Finnish cartoon that she was fond of as a child.

8. John Mayer – “I Guess I Just Feel Like”


No surprise here … John Mayer goes soft and sentimental but also adds some country-western flare to his new tune “I Guess I Just Feel Like” he just released. The sad lyrical content is what we have come to know and love from Mayer. It’s definitely a solid release from the pop veteran who seems to never quit.

7. Weezer – “High as a Kite”


I haven’t been a huge fan of anything Weezer has put out in the last four years until this song dropped. But the new Weezer, which often includes meaningless lyrical content, has taken a back seat to the old Weezer, which was centered mostly around sensitive material. “High as a Kite” reminded me of what we heard on their debut album almost 25 years ago.

6. DREAMERS – “Die Happy”


This is the same tried-and-true script for the pop-rock trio as they’ve followed in the past. “Die Happy” is packed full of fun, and the groove is very accessible. It’s sure to make fans who will be attending DREAMERS’ upcoming shows, which includes four dates in California, excited.

5. Hozier – “Dinner & Diatribes”


Andrew Hozier-Byrne is known for having an incredible vocal range, and this third single on the Irish musician’s new sophomore LP Wasteland, Baby! conveys that to the absolute fullest. In classic Hozier fashion, the complicated lyrical matter comes in a tight, catchy package, yet it makes us want to know what was going through his head as he wrote it.

4. Foals – “On the Luna”


Foals haven’t been in the mainstream scene for too long, but this diverse track surely shows why they deserve major recognition. “On The Luna” explores new ground with its retro vibe and interesting quirks, making it an easy one to dance to as we await Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 1 next month.

3. Circa Waves – “Times Won’t Change Me”


Get ready to stomp your feet because this song’s groove is great and makes for a spooky, cool vibe. One of the melodies in it reminds me of Fleetwood Mac, and the rhythm’s driving nature as well as the constant repetition of the lyrics will have you singing along with it in no time.

2. Dennis Lloyd – “Never Go Back”


Israeli musician Dennis Lloyd made a huge splash with his 2016 single “Nevermind”, and his newest hit has the potential to take him to even greater heights. To me, “Never Go Back” is an even better effort more than three years later.

1. Bad Suns – “One Magic Moment”


“One Magic Moment” is the third single from Bad Suns’ new album Mystic Truth, which drops in March and explores a sea of uncharted water for the LA alt-rock quartet. There are so many new sounds to enjoy from these guys. They finish their tour this May with three straight dates in California, including one at The Fillmore in SF and a tour finale at The Wiltern in LA.

Which of these new songs do you like most? Tell us in the comments section below!

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Washed OutWritten by Nik Crossman //

TBD Fest Kick-Off PartyWashed Out with Touch Sensitive, Prince Fox //
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Born into rural America in the early 80’s, Ernest Greene (aka Washed Out) initially pursued a life of books and research with a Masters of Library and Information Science. Unable to land a job after graduation, Greene moved back in with his parents in Perry, Ga., and began making music in his bedroom. While developing his nostalgic sound, which he later packaged under the moniker Washed Out, Greene also worked on dance-pop songs with a group from South Carolina appropriately named Bedroom.

Introducing his sound as Washed Out in 2009 with the release of his first EP Life of Leisure, Greene received solid feedback from the music community that brought him to perform at Pitchfork Music Festival in 2010. Described as “nostalgic, hypnotic bedroom electro-disco pop”, Washed Out’s unique sound landed him with Sub Pop Records, and his single “Feel It All Around” was picked in 2011 as the theme song for the satirical sketch comedy television series “Portlandia” on IFC.


As a one-man, hypno-pop home-studio producer, Greene plays keyboards, a guitar and a piano before mixing it together on a computer. Without the help of a touring band, Washed Out live performances resemble a DJ set with Greene singing over the top of the music while re-arranging it with live keyboards to keep the tempo up and “make it as fun as possible.”

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