The best of Outside Lands 2014

FESTIVAL REVIEW: Boasting a packed line up of diverse performers, culinary innovators and artists, Outside Lands hosted a wonderland of possibilities. Here are our favorite features from 2014.

Outside Lands Day 3: Flume draws massive crowd, inspires tree dancing

FESTIVAL REVIEW: Flume drew a massive crowd that had one dude raging out in a tree, The Flaming Lips get weirder than ever and Spoon return to SF inspired with new material.

Outside Lands Day 2: HAIM take another step toward the top

FESTIVAL REVIEW: If HAIM continue to write undeniably catchy songs while retaining their fierce attitudes, the LA-based sisters could be headlining big festivals in 3-5 years.

Outside Lands Day 1: Kanye West rants like a petulant child

FESTIVAL REVIEW: The stoned, shoulder shrug response to “Imma need y’all to make a bigger circle!” may be the moment to remember from Kanye West’s Outside Lands headlining set.

Outside Lands 2014 beer/artist pairings

FESTIVAL PREVIEW: Here is a carefully curated list of artist/beer pairings that will even further accentuate each other at Outside Lands this year.

Five Outside Lands trends in 2014

FESTIVAL PREVIEW: Headliners Kanye West, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers and The Killers were the focus of the many knee-jerk reactions, but what does the lineup say as a whole?