SF Show of the Week // GO4FREE to The Stone Foxes at The Independent 11/17 (FRI)

Written by Chandler Kirkman //

The Stone Foxes with Thee Commons, Jonny Ramada //
The Independent – San Francisco
November 17th, 2017 //

The Stone Foxes are SF’s rock band. Originating in the sleepy foothills of California’s Central Valley where former founding member Aaron Mort as well as brothers Spence (guitar, vocals) and Shannon Koehler (drums, harmonica, vocals) grew up, the group formed while attending San Francisco State University when Elliot Peltzman (keyboards, vocals), Vince Dewald (bass, vocals) and Ben Andrews (guitar, vocals) came aboard.

Since their formation in 2005, The Stone Foxes have carried the torch of their predecessors with the knowledge and belief that rock ‘n’ roll can move a new generation. After spending the first few years together developing and balancing its musical style, the six-piece’s self-titled debut LP hit the shelves in 2008 and was met with adoration.

Over the last few years, The Stone Foxes have played in front of thousands at major music festivals and have been featured on TV shows, such as Showtime’s “Shameless” and FX’s “Sons of Anarchy”. They’ve headlined the legendary Fillmore in SF and toured with huge bands like The Black Keys, Cage the Elephant and ZZ Top, invoking their audiences with a commanding, energetic stage presence that has built them a strong reputation among live music fans.

The Stone Foxes’ fourth and most recent LP Twelve Spells came out in 2015 and chronicles their new beginning with lyrics and sounds that take on the issues of their lives and ours, tying elements of western darkness, punk, surf and Americana to their rock ‘n’ roll roots. Their latest single “Broken” dropped earlier this year and has been met with rave reviews.

This Friday, The Stone Foxes will take the stage at The Independent with East LA’s own Thee Commons and SF native Jonny Ramada kicking off the show. Tickets are available for $22, or you could win a pair of tickets by submitting your full name and email below.

Contest ends this Friday at 3 p.m.

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James Brown Dance Party: November 17th (FRI) @ Mezzanine


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SF Show of the Week // GO4FREE to Lupe Fiasco at 1015 Folsom 11/16 (WED)

Lupe FiascoWritten by Brett Ruffenach //

Lupe Fiasco with The Boy Illinois, RXMN //
1015 Folsom – San Francisco
November 16th, 2016 //

From his explosion onto the rap scene to who he is today, Lupe Fiasco has always been a rapper who will not compromise who he is for the limelight. A Chicago-born emcee who emerged from the “nerd rap” scene and caught the ear of artists like Kanye West and Talib Kweli, Fiasco’s best skill is a remarkably smooth flow over deep, complex lyrics.

Both accessible and robust, Fiasco’s catalog has contributed to the stylings of rappers like Nas and Common while expanding Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five’s famous single “The Message” into a more radio-friendly territory. His career, meanwhile, has been one of constant mishaps and challenges, from botched album releases to ill-conceived pop-crossover efforts to even protests by his dedicated fan base at his label Atlantic Records. Preemptive retirement announcements, canceled shows and a disappointing sequel to his seminal debut LP in 2012 have all held back the CEO of 1st & 15th Entertainment in recent years.

But with the release of his most recent effort Tetsuo & Youth, Fiasco has seemingly gotten his groove back. A fine-tuned production with the smooth-yet-complex lyricism built on dizzying layers of rhyme, double entendre, wordplay and references ranging anywhere between Steve Urkel and a Thomas Pynchon novel. Tetsuo & Youth is a redemption album for Fiasco, and we couldn’t be happier to see him return to his most true form.

Touring in support of Tetsuo & Youth, Fiasco will headline 1015 Folsom this Wednesday with support from The Boy Illinois and RXMN. Tickets are available for $40-50, or you could win a pair of tickets by submitting your full name and email below.

Contest ends this Wednesday at 3 p.m.

Lupe Fiasco - 1015 Folsom

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Matt Costa: November 17th (THUR) @ Slim’s
Joe Budden: November 17th (THUR) @ The New Parish
Ricky Eat Acid: November 17th (THUR) @ Swedish American Hall
Red Fang: November 18th (FRI) @ Slim’s
Sun Kil Moon: November 18th (FRI) @ Great American Music Hall
The Stone Foxes: November 18th (FRI) @ The Independent
Jay Som: November 18th (FRI) @ Brick & Mortar Music Hall
Stones Throw 20th Anniversary Tour: November 18th (FRI) @ 1015 Folsom
Should We Run: November 19th (SAT) @ The Independent


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Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 2015 spreads contagious smiles across Golden Gate Park

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival 2015 - The Stone Foxes

The Stone Foxes

Photos by Tom Dellinger // Written by Mike Frash //

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 2015 //
Golden Gate Park – San Francisco
October 2nd-4th, 2015 //

Oh Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, how the Bay Area loves you. It may be hard for those outside of Northern California to imagine how such a massive gathering of celebratory music lovers “chillax” in harmony, spreading contagious smiles with strangers and friends alike. But it happens every year in early October thanks to the late, great Warren Hellman.

See some of what you missed via the eye candy below, whether you were at the three-day fest witnessing your own slice of life or watching from home on the webcast. And if you couldn’t make it, there’s always next year.

SF Show of the Week // GO4FREE to ‘United States of Bass’ featuring Big Freedia 3/6 (FRI)

Big FreediaWritten by Molly Kish //

Red Bull Music Academy Radio Pop Up presents “United States of Bass” featuring Big Freedia (Live), Arabian Prince, DJ Sliink, DJ Assault, DJ’s Spinn & Taso, DJ Deeon, Scottie B and special guests Kingdom & L-Vis 1990
1015 Folsom – San Francisco
March 6th, 2015 //

Celebrating its 10-year broadcasting anniversary, Red Bull Music Academy Radio has announced the re-launch of rbmaradio.com with a two-week, live residency at a pop-up studio in the heart of the Mission District. Running from February 25th-March 11th, the program includes various interviews, discussions, live sets and shows from both inside the actual broadcast location at Dijital Fix on Valencia St. as well as various city-wide venues over the two-week course.

This Friday, 1015 Folsom is proud to host the “United States of Bass” featuring a live, headlining set from New Orleans bounce queen diva Big Freedia, hip-hop Legend Arabian Prince, DJ Assault, Chi-town footwork pioneers Spinn and Taso, DJ Deeon, Scottie B. and special guests Kingdom & L-Vis. Highlighting sets from the pioneers of this nation’s most influential regional styles of bass music, this night is equal parts a history lesson and a house party that’s guaranteed to get that booty bouncing and your feet on the floor.

Contest ends Friday, March 6th at 3 p.m.

RBMA Radio Pop Up - United States of Bass

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The Districts: March 6th (FRI) @ The Independent
Marco Benevento: March 7th (SAT) @ The Independent
The Stone Foxes: March 7th (SAT) @ Leo’s Music Club
Hey Rosetta!: March 8th @ (SUN) Slim’s


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PHOTOS: JJ Grey & Mofro with The Stone Foxes at The Fillmore 11/15


Photos by Sterling Munksgard

JJ Grey & Mofro with The Stone Foxes
The Fillmore – San Francisco, CA
November 15, 2013

JJ Grey & Mofro, along with local favorites the Stone Foxes, lit up the Fillmore stage with a blend of rock and roll tinged with Southern blues, funkified soul and folky americana. This national tour has criss-crossed the states touring behind the release This River, and a ruckus crowd ate up JJ’s heartfelt ballads and grooved away to his jammed-out sonic odysseys.

New Music Tuesday: Foals • Darwin Deez • Veronica Falls • The Stone Foxes • The Little Ones • K-X-P

Foals - Holy Fire

Every Tuesday, we focus on new music releases by naming our top tracks, album highlights, lowlights and important takeaways for select albums.

FoalsHoly Fire

3.5-BamsTop Tracks:
“Milk and Black Spiders”

Album Highlights: Any fan of Foals knows that the one thing to expect when they a release a new album is not to expect anything. Each release seems to have the Oxford five-piece charting new waters and hitting the shuffle button on their sound with intricate, emotional and layered tracks. The band’s newest release Holy Fire is no different, as from the start, it takes the listener on a journey characterized by haunting vocals, staccato guitar loops and heavy breakdowns over the course of 11 tracks.

Holy Fire kicks off with the instrumental “Prelude”, which gives way to “Inhaler”, a heavier, more driving rock song than we are used to from the band. The song was released as a teaser in late 2012 and definitely stands out as one of the marquee tracks on the album. “Inhaler” is sure to be a crowd-pleaser during both club and festival sets as it exudes energy. The album then backs off a bit, easing up on the throttle to bring us tracks closer to what fans became accustomed to in Antidotes and Total Life Forever. Standout tracks and personal favorites are “Milk and Black Spiders” and “Providence”, a track closer to “Inhaler” than any of the others. Both songs showcase both the frenetic, yet intricate sound fans have become accustom to with emerging sounds and styles the band seems to be developing.

Album Lowlight: The last two songs of the album are much more subdued than all the previous tracks, perhaps to keep the feel of a cohesive arc consistent through the album, but the abrupt drop-off in tempo and energy after a heavy, complex song like “Providence” takes away a bit from the album. The dreamy, mellow end may eventually grow on me, but at first listen, it left me wanting more.

Takeaway: Overall, Holy Fire is a great album and keeps Foals in the forefront of bands that are willing to experiment and push the envelope with their sound and what listeners have come to expect from them. Having seen them in the past, I’m most interested to see how this new selection of songs will translate into one of their always entertaining live shows, especially songs like “Providence.” Foals have delivered again by breaking expectations and crafting thoughtful, complex and meaningful songs that keep the listener guessing what comes next.

~Sean Little

Darwin DeezSongs for Imaginative People

3.5-BamsTop Tracks:
“(800) HUMAN”
“Free (The Editorial Me)”

Album Highlights: Darwin Deez specializes in glitch-pop that is reminiscent of The Postal Service, but his themes of humanity versus technology juxtapose with purpose throughout Songs for Imaginative People. The first track “(800) HUMAN” sets this tone, and Deez’s relate-able lyrics and voice contrast well with the digitized sounds that dominate the instrumentals.

Album Lowlight: There are moments that are too “spoken word,” even though the back and forth between talking and singing is Deez’s central style. A good example of this is with the track “No Love,” which is filled with spoken word lyrics.

Takeaway: Darwin Deez is at his best when emulating The Postal Service with quick tempo changes and Nintendo glitch sounds. The record gets better with each listen, and it ends in a particularly strong fashion – “Redshift” and “Free (The Editorial Me)” are two of the best tracks. This is a cohesive LP that deserves at least a couple spins.

~Mike Frash

Veronica FallsWaiting for Something to Happen

4-BamsTop Tracks:
“If You Still Want Me”
“My Heart Beats”
“Falling Out”

Album Highlights: “If You Still Want Me” is duet perfection. Roxanne Clifford and James Hoare’s vocal are beautifully cohesive and complimentary. The track showcases their individual command over their range and pitch. The track signifies near flawless ingenuity as pop composers.

Album Lowlight: “Everybody’s Changing” lacks creativity lyrically and musically. It sounds as though it could have been a late addition or suggestion from the record company for a radio friendly single. The rest of the album is filled with tracks exemplifying the band’s grasp of their genre and songwriting skills. This track compromises both.

Takeaway: “Shooting Star” is like an audible heroin trip. It’s both the least enigmatic and most encompassing track on the album. Reminiscent of 1960’s art rock, the simplicity of the song’s structure and melancholy drone is entrancing and difficult to not be consumed by.

~Molly Kish

The Stone FoxesSmall Fires

4-BamsTop Tracks:
“Ulysses Jones”
“Small Fires”
“Jump in the Water”

Album Highlights:In the wake of Southern-tinged blues rock making its way to the masses via The Black Keys and Alabama Shakes, hTe Stone Foxes have sculpted the West’s answer to this infectious formula. Small Fires starts with a double dose of swamp-drenched soul rock before moving into a more straight ahead indie blues rock. This album was produced by Doug Boehm, best known for his work with Dr. Dog and Girls, and those groups’ sonic sentiment is noticeable. Similar to Howlin Rain’s Russian Winds, one can really hear the power and energy these guys bring to the table, as well as to the live stage.

Album Lowlight: Multipart harmonies would give a greater depth to some of the songs. We can expect more bands trying this sound out based upon pop music’s current fondness for the Southern blues rock sound. Luckily, these guys have been working at it for near a decade. Also, the track order doesn’t do the varying sounds much justice.

Takeaway: Fans of Dr. Dog and similar acts will love this album, hands down. Furthermore, Small Fires is a truly great slice of rock and roll that is very palatable and enjoyable. These guys have been going hard on the road for many years, and this album reflects their live show, similar to the rise of My Morning Jacket and their breakthrough album Z. In the coming months, these lads will headline — yes, HEADLINE — The Fillmore in San Francisco, a clear sign that this group is on the up and up.

~Kevin Quandt


The Stone Foxes perform for free at Amoeba San Francisco on Tuesday, February 12th at 6 p.m. PT. They will also perform for free at The New Parish on Wednesday, February 13th.

The Little OnesThe Dawn Sang Along

4-BamsTop Tracks:
“Super Bros.”
“Catch the Movement”
“Boy on Wheels”

Album Highlights: Southern California pop rock band The Little Ones return with its first full-length since Morning Tide, delivering more sun-soaked, 60’s nostalgic pop rock that brightens up the day. The Little Ones have long garnered comparisons to The Beach Boys, and with The Dawn Sang Along it becomes apparent as layered, harmonic vocals combine with horns, tambourines, and other assorted instruments throughout the album. These are hallmarks that defined the Beach Boys’ (and other 60s pop acts) sound and is borrowed by The Little Ones. Their second full-length straddles the line between 60s and more modern pop, delivering the perfect antidote to a rainy day.

Standout tracks are “Super Bros.”, “Catch the Movement” and “Boy on Wheels.” “Boy on Wheels” is my personal favorite, as the sound seems much more unique to the band and its style with varying effects, vocals and rhythms that build the song up and left me tapping my foot to the beat long after the song had ended.

Album Lowlight: There wasn’t a low point in the album for me with any one song, but I wanted to see the band have a few more songs like “Boy on Wheels” or “Catch the Movement,” as they showcased the band’s own voice and unique sound without borrowing too much inspiration from 60’s pop bands.

Takeaway: I really enjoyed this album, and I’m not one that generally enjoys pop. It’s sunny and catchy the whole way through and shows a distinct style and maturity gained since their last full-length. If you are in need of some audio sunshine, pick up The Dawn Sang Along and give it a listen. You’ll be transported to a brighter, sunnier place inside the comfort of your headphones.

~Sean Little


3.5-BamsTop Tracks:
“Magnetic North”
“Easy (Infinity Waits)”
“Flags and Crosses”

Album highlights, album lowlight and takeaway: K-X-P’s new album II is an interstellar adventure of Kubrickian proportions.

Imagine you are being propelled into space on an interplanetary rocket (“Melody”). Your spacecraft is flung from the gravitational pull of one planet to the next, like a monkey swinging from vine to vine (“Staring at the Moon”). You encounter eight-bit asteroids (“Magnetic North”) and blast them with your particle disintegrators, clearing a path into deep space.

As you drift deeper into space (“Ekmviv”) you lose track of time and space, and all perception becomes distorted (“In the Valley”). Suspended in space, surrounded by a mechanical drone, your senses rejuvenate just as your craft comes to rest on a mysterious planet (“Tears [Extended Interlude]”).

As you regain consciousness and perception of your surroundings, you realize your spacecraft is surrounded by large amorphous aliens. Starring at this strange earthling, the aliens wonder what to do with you and deliberate to decide your fate. During this deliberation a deus ex machina occurs when a massive wave of electromagnetic radiation strikes the planet’s atmosphere, triggering a paralyzing vibration (“Flags and Crosses”). This vibration is so intense your spacecraft is jolted free from the clutches of the planet’s gravitational pull, and you float skyward, uncontested by the enfeebled aliens (“Reel Ghosts”).

You are able to gain control of the ship and navigate through the electromagnetic assault, reaching safety in the quiescent cushion of space (“Easy [Infinity Waits]”).

You are home free. You light a cigarette and think about what just happened as you cruise back to the friendly confines of Earth (“Dark Satellite”).

~Kevin Raos