FCF finds first-year success for five game-changing reasons

First CIty Festival

FESTIVAL REVIEW + PHOTOS: The inaugural First City Festival in Monterey, CA was a big success for five game-changing reasons — view over 170 artist and scene photos.

First City Festival: Set conflicts & resolutions

FESTIVAL PREVIEW: First City Festival at Monterey County Fairgrounds presents a handful of heady conflicts — we’ve broken down the toughest conflicts to help sort out your plan of attack.

First City Festival Fringe: Top 5 undercard acts for the fest’s first year

FESTIVAL PREVIEW: The first annual First City Festival in Monterey has some great undercard acts — be sure to get there early and witness these 5 groups.

Palma Violets, fresh faces of Britpop, invade the Indy

From the first notes it was evident that Palma Violets are in this whole thing to have a good time, and by extension, make the crowd join them.