WKEND MIXTAPE: Natural Self – Neon Hertz: A Mixtape


Our mix this week is a companion piece to Natural Self’s latest album Neon Hurts My Eyes. I think the artist can describe the mix best:

Neon Hertz is a mix. Rather than a selection of influences on the album Neon Hurts My Eyes, it is in fact inspired by it. Reverse-engineered, you might say. Themes present in the album, both musical and lyrical can once again be found here. You will here voices. They will speak of time and space, of technology, of society and of consequence. The music will be a landscape that surrounds you. At night, looking down onto the city, it will all make sense.

Perfect for the drive out of town for the holiday weekend. The tracklist is below to follow along. Enjoy!


let's hear it!

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