Doors Open: A Bay Area Reopening Series – Matt Haney

By Molly Kish //

Matt Haney – Supervisor, San Francisco Board of Supervisors (District 6)

Matt Haney has Bay Area advocacy in his blood. Raised predominantly by his mother in the East Bay, Haney was born into a family of civil rights activists and developed strong opinions about societal injustices. He noticed early on the ways in which his values were underrepresented in local politics, so he decided to get involved in efforts to reform them to support the communities that he was a part of while growing up.

Over the last decade, Haney has held roles as a faculty member at Stanford, an eviction defense attorney and a national policy director. He has served as vice president, president and commissioner of the SF School Board, and in 2019, Haney won in a landslide victory to become the supervisor of District 6, which stretches from the Tenderloin to Treasure Island. In the past year, he has not only assumed the position of budget chair on the Board of Supervisors, but has also worked tirelessly alongside the small business and entertainment commissions to introduce critical legislation that will help keep local, independent venues alive amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Just days after the launch of his SF Music and Entertainment Venue Recovery Fund, we caught up with Haney over a veggie omelette at a Market St. café to discuss his passion for preserving the culture and community of the Bay Area music and entertainment scene.

Showbams: Throughout your career you’ve worn many hats, so what ultimately made you want to run for the Board of Supervisors and led you to represent District 6?

Haney: I think a lot of it for me was recognizing the potential that the Bay Area has, when it comes to providing opportunity and a quality of life for everyone, wherever they are. We have a certain responsibility here, that is unlike many other places in the world and I had the opportunity to be a part of that.

I was working with a lot with families as a school board member and that led me to want to support my neighbors in other ways including: making sure they had housing, jobs and a future here in our city. This feeling is what led me to get more involved in citywide issues and ultimately to run for the Board of Supervisors.

He stops mid-thought to signal the waitress and asks for hot sauce and ketchup.

Haney: I think District 6 is one of the most special places in the world. It has just a tremendous amount of culture and history and the most “San Francisco” neighborhood in San Francisco, the Tenderloin. District 6 houses a lot of the growth and innovation in our city, and representing this area is an opportunity to try to make all of that work for everyone, better than it is now. Especially when it comes to some of the wealth and incredible opportunities that are here, I’m constantly thinking of how we make sure that they’re shared more broadly and that people have access to all the things they need to survive and thrive in our city.

“I think District 6 is one of the most special places in the world. It has just a tremendous amount of culture and history and the most ‘San Francisco’ neighborhood in San Francisco, the Tenderloin.”

Showbams: Over the last year, you’ve been a huge advocate for creating lifelines for independent music venues. Were you always interested in including music and entertainment into your political scope or was this something that was prompted by the pandemic’s effect on the local economy?

Haney: Ever since I’ve lived in San Francisco, I’ve been involved in the nightlife and music community here. In 2007, I moved in with a close friend who was one of the biggest event promoters at the time, his name is Nate Mezmer. So from that I got to know DJs, venue owners and all the challenges they had in operating here. I also saw from that time until now, many of those venues disappear. I witnessed the ways in which these venues, DJs, artists and bartenders were being pushed out of San Francisco and how it really impacted our culture and community here.

So much of the history of San Francisco is about different groups of people who were kicked out of other places and thought that they were alone. They came to San Francisco and were able to find each other here and in many cases that happened through nightlife and music and art. That’s a huge part of what I love and what’s so special about San Francisco and a lot of those venues are in my district now, so I really made it a big part of my goals to support them.

“So much of the history of San Francisco is about different groups of people who were kicked out of other places and thought that they were alone. They came to San Francisco and were able to find each other here and in many cases that happened through nightlife and music and art.”

Showbams: In December, you introduced your SF and Entertainment Venue Recovery Fund legislation in a special meeting with the SF Board of Supervisors. Can you elaborate on how the meeting went and the key initiatives of the proposal?

Haney: I was committed to putting forward this fund, even before we knew where the money was going to come from. It was a bit of a leap of faith in some ways. In December we were still facing a pretty bleak outlook concerning the city’s budget, but we decided to introduce it anyways and started to develop the provisions with the venues, entertainment and small business commissions. In January it was decided we needed to put at least 1.5 Million into it, and then as things moved forward I proposed for us to double that. Luckily, we all ended up on the same page.


We tried to make the application as simple as possible and are offering awards of at least $10,000. So that’s either 300 grants at $10,000, 150 at $20,000 or … I feel that some may even get upwards of $50,000. A lot of them have really high rents and are actually in need of 100’s or 1,000’s of dollars so we’re not going to be able to meet the whole thing, but writing a venue a check for $50,000 is meaningful.

We get briefly interrupted by a fellow diner who wants to express his gratitude for Haney’s work involving tenants rights. He graciously acknowledges the man, asks him how his particular experience is and orders a refill on his coffee. In that moment, it was apparent how ingrained and conscientious Haney was of the everyday issues that residents in his district were facing. The fact that someone felt comfortable enough to approach him while he was dining and engaged in conversation was not only a testament to his character, but also to his involvement with the community that he both resides in and represents. He apologizes and continues …

Haney: There’s always some politics ya know, the mayor initially did not want to put money into the fund that we created so we had to say, “Well, things have changed a little bit because I’m the budget chair now, so it’s just gonna happen.” It was kind of wild to have that level of power and be able to use it for something really important. It was the first real opportunity I had to do so in the new position.

For the last couple of years I was more of a flamethrower. So when the introduction of this fund came about I was still in that role and everyone kind of said, “Whoa, OK … you want to just take some money and give it to venues? Where’s that money coming from?” I said, “I don’t know yet” and then was able to move into a position of more power in relation to the budget, which allowed me to actually get the funds.

“It was kind of wild to have that level of power and be able to use it for something really important.”

Showbams: So the applications went live on April 21st, providing upwards of 300 grants for the initial funding. Do you feel optimistic that there will be a phase two of funding?”

Haney: I’m optimistic that we will add more money to the fund. We may need to learn from who applies, what the need is and change it accordingly in terms of targeting. In fact, some of what we’re going to need to focus on I think not just for these venues, but for small businesses more broadly, is commercial debt relief. Some of these venues may be getting the $25-50,000 dollars and they can’t even begin to have a conversation about their back due rent.

Each venue I think is in a different position because the only thing that has been universal is commercial eviction protection. Some of these venues may have just put pause on all rent for this past year, and now they have to have a conversation with their property management if they don’t own their own building. Then, the result is that they’ll have to negotiate some sort of payment plan and we’re going to have to figure out how we can meet up with that. So, that’s what I think might be the next phase of this.

We’re going to have to help these venues with their debt, but I hope they start to make even more money than they did before the pandemic. I hope that we can be more supportive of them and recognize their value, as to not make everything so hard for them to operate here. We need to protect our independent venues so that they can thrive and grow here and are able to create more spaces and events, to give them opportunities to do just that.

“We need to protect our independent venues so that they can thrive and grow here and are able to create more spaces and events, to give them opportunities to do just that.”

Showbams: Once the Bay Area opens back up, what’s the first venue that you would like to attend an event at?

Haney: I do miss a number of venues in my district. In the Tenderloin, I go to Black Cat and PianoFight a lot and I look forward to being able to go back to those two for sure. In the other parts of my district, I will definitely be at 1015 Folsom and 111 Minna Gallery when they reopen.

I really hope that by mid-June, if things go as they are now, that most of these venues can open at 100%. There’s no reason that I can think of — the vaccines have been very widely available for months — that a venue can’t allow a 100% capacity if everyone has been vaccinated. You should just be able to show your card or whatever, unless the vaccine starts to break down in some way. Then we’ve got a lot of other problems besides our venues.

“There’s no reason that I can think of — the vaccines have been very widely available for months — that a venue can’t allow a 100% capacity if everyone has been vaccinated.”

As we commiserate over the shows we have missed with the hope for some rescheduled dates soon, Haney finishes what was left of his side salad and asks the waitress for the check. His phone has been blowing up the entire interview, and it’s only in this moment that he glances at the numerous missed calls and texts. The waitress exchanges some cheerful banter with him as she finally places where she recognizes Haney from, and in return, he compliments the service and quality of his omelette. As he waits to sign the check and starts to visibly drift back into work mode, I ask him one final question.

Showbams: Have there been any positive takeaways from the events of the past year?

He pauses for a second and takes a long, deep breath before replying.

Haney: The incredible resilience of the city, its businesses and our residents. The businesses and people that are still here really fought through a lot to stay in this city. I think coming out of the pandemic, it’s going to be really important to recognize, develop a greater appreciation for and not take for granted.

I think that’s what makes me hopeful and now we as a government acknowledge how much the Bay Area needs venues and places to see each other, celebrate and be inspired.


Help protect SF music venues from developers & new noise complaints with one minute of your time

ggb-stars_postPhoto by James Nagel // Written by Mike Frash //

San Francisco is changing. Rapidly. As technology jobs increase every day in the Bay Area, high-income people from all over the world are moving into San Francisco, which has always been a transitory City.

Case in point, the February median price of a one-bedroom apartment:

SF Rents February

Supperclub, I-Beam, Cafe Cocomo, Lucky 13 & The Lexington, have all bit the dust or have a significant threat to their existence. There is development in the works near both The Independent & Slim’s…the threat to the arts in San Francisco is real and it’s happening now.

Supervisor London Breed is introducing legislation that to protect nightlife venues from new developments. The legislation prevents venues from being shut down if they are operating within their permits, requires developers to work with venues before they start construction, and ensures that all potential tenants of a new development know about the local venues before they move in.

SF bar & venue owner Ben Bleiman has organized this petition you need to sign (it will a take a couple minutes), which aims to gather support for Breed’s new legislation.

300 more signatures are needed in the next four days to fulfill this petition (at the time of publishing), which will show a unified voice to SF City Hall. It’s the only way to ensure our world-renowned nightlife will continue to thrive throughout this period of rapid change in SF.

Click here to sign the petition.

Bleiman writes:

As a bar/venue owner in San Francisco, I have seen time and time again how one new neighbor or a group of new neighbors from a recently developed “market rate” property can force beloved nightlife venues to endure lawsuits, harassment and even closure. These venues’ only “infraction” was conducting their businesses legally and as they have for years before the new developments. Supervisor London Breed has bravely and rightly proposed a commonsense solution, and I enthusiastically, wholeheartedly support her legislation!

Protect live music in San Francisco by joining this petition and spreading the word.

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SF Beer Week Events + Close Shows = Best Week of the Year!


For beer lovers, San Francisco Beer Week is one of the finest weeks of the year. Okay, let’s be honest: It IS the best week of the year! So how can we make the best week of the year even better? By combining primo beer week events with great music.

These tastefully selected pairings have been curated specifically with the intention for you to enjoy a unique beer week offering and follow it up with a show within walking distance. That way, you can (responsibly) enjoy all the libations of your choosing and make it to the show safely. Beer will be flowing like the salmon of Capistrano all over San Francisco from February 8th through the 16th, and here are my picks for perfect beer and music matches:


Date: Sunday, 2/9
Show: Delorean @ The Independent
Beer: Barleywine Night @ Noc Noc
Distance: 13 minute walk

Our first night will find you at the Noc Noc for their Barleywine night. If you’ve never had a barleywine, they’re big, bold, fruity, intense, and very high in alcohol. Sounds great, right? Noc Noc will be serving five in particular from Northern California Breweries, including Marin Brewing’s Old Dipsea and Sierra Nevada’s Barrel Aged Big Foot (don’t miss this one). When you’re done you can walk 13 minutes up Haight and down Divisadero to the Independent where you can hit Delorean. They’re a four piece combining dance music and indie pop who had to cancel their last show at the Independent due to being kidnapped in South America. Let’s hope they make it safely to the show this time. Hopefully everyone else that goes to Noc Noc makes it to the show safely, too, because I have my doubts after all that barleywine.


Date: Tuesday, 2/11
Show: Hospitality @ Rickshaw Stop
Beer: Oskar Blues Night @ The Beer Hall
Distance: 4 minute walk

If you’re in the mood for infectious indie pop and heady northern Colorado brews, buy your tickets for Hospitality right now (only $10!). The Beer Hall is hosting this stellar lineup of forward-thinking Oskar Blues and it’s only a four minute walk to Rickshaw Stop. Oskar Blues have been a pioneer in the craft canning movement, and for good reason. Cans are lighter (cheaper to transport), impermeable by light (stays headier longer), more easily recyclable, and they get cold faster. There won’t be any cans here though, as the offerings will be on tap, starring Oskar the Grouch (smoked IPA), Merlow BA Chaka (Belgian Strong Ale), and Old Chub ON NITRO. At the Rickshaw you’ll be ready to ingest Hospitality, this peppy stripped down trio has been on the rise for over a year now.


Date: Wednesday, 2/12
Show: Boombox @ The Independent
Beer: Coronado Brewing Takeover @ Noir Lounge
Distance: 7 minute bus ride

Get your groove on and dance for a couple hours with Boombox at the Independent. Slinky, sultry, sexy strutting beats await you after your trip to the Noir Lounge for Coronado Brewing’s Tap Takeover. This California mainstay has been impressing craft beer lovers for a few years now but only recently has the brewery seen more of a national exposure. One sip of their Idiot IPA and you’ll realize why. Give it a try along with all of the other selections and then step on the 21 for a 7 minute bus ride up Hayes to the Independent.


Date: Friday, 2/14
Show: Blackalicious @ Slim’s
Beer: Sierra Nevada 62 Tap Takeover @ Zeitgeist
Distance: 13 minute walk

If you’re in the mood for some hip hop, Blackalicious is a must see on this Friday Valentine’s Day. It may not be the best for getting your romantic vibe on, but it’ll be great if you want to dance and shake your ass. And what else is better than shaking your ass with that special someone? Shaking your ass AND drinking beer! I’m straight up befuddled by the beer week listing this night at Zeitgeist: Sierra Nevada SIXTY-TWO TAP TAKEOVER. That’s not a typo. I was never even aware that they had 62 unique beers. We’ll see if this is some tomfoolery on 2/14. If it truly is 62 beers, you’d better believe the place will be loaded with hard to find rarities from the cellar. Supposedly they’re tapping the “extra special” kegs in the later afternoon/early night time, so if you hit this event before before you head to Slim’s you’ll be in good standing to sip on the best the brewery has to offer.

Bonus Pick!!!Because I have extra love for Valentine’s Day.

Date: Friday, 2/14
Show: Quilt @ Bottom of the Hill
Beer: Beer Tasting + Sweets @ Blueprint Tap Room
Distance: 15 minute walk

Maybe some gentle psych rock is more your style on the country’s most romantically manufactured holiday of the year. Quilt has made a big impression lately with their pseudo-sixties revival indie rock. While sometimes soothing in its swaying pop melodies, on occasion it necessitates a full-body psych rock freak-out. Blueprint Tap Room is doing a dessert and beer pairing that is making my mouth water as I type this. Coffee and chocolate bread pudding with salted caramel sauce will be paired with Anderson Valley’s fantastic Bourbon Barrel Stout, and olive oil citrus cake will be paired with Buzzerkeley’s Belgian Strong Pale Ale. And there are more pairings. There are also a wide variety of West Coast breweries being featured, such as Deschutes, Ninkasi, Lost Abbey, Ballast Point, Green Flash, and Calicraft. When it’s beer week, these guys and gals don’t come unprepared. There will be some really great beer getting tapped here.


Date: Saturday, 2/15
Show: Jerry Garcia Band featuring Melvin Seals @ Great American Music Hall
Beer: Midnight Sun Brewery @ Amsterdam Cafe
Distance: 3 minute walk

Any night with the Jerry Garcia Band feat. Melvin Seals ends in a sweaty tired mess, and it’s great. It’s so soulful and cathartic that you’ll feel like you’re at church, but with only half the guilt. Midnight Sun is a brewery from Alaska that you may not have heard of, but they have been on point for years now. I’ve only been largely impressed with everything I’ve tried from them, and this beer lineup looks to be stacked with special releases. They’ve got a dark strong ale with spices and chilies, oak-aged T.R.E.A.T. (imperial chocolate pumpkin porter on nitro), and XXX-Black Double IPA. This pair is sure to impress – you’ll be having fun all the way through the midnight moonlight!

Fauxchella Listings 2014: San Francisco Bay Area

FauxChella-2014Photos by James Nagel // Written by Mike Frash //

With the Coachella lineup announcement on January 8th, festival season launched. And for those who love live music in the Bay Area yet won’t be traveling to the Polo Grounds to brave likely triple digit temps and three days of splendid insanity, we have Fauxchella.

Fauxchella is that two weeks of time surrounding Coachella in April where various American western locations like Phoenix, Portland and San Francisco profit off the tour runoff of artists that perform in Indio, California for two consecutive weekends.

So, instead of packing it all into one weekend, choose and select the acts you want to witness over four or five nights in April. I mean, why not? But it does take a tad bit of planning …

Read our Coachella 2014 lineup preview.



We hope these acts fauxchella in the Bay Area…

• Aeroplane — Wish granted
• Bombino — Wish granted
• Disclosure — Wish granted
• Factory Floor — Wish granted
• Flight Facilities — Wish granted
• GOAT — Wish granted
• Temples — Wish granted
• The Afghan Whigs — Wish granted
• The Internet
• The Replacements
•Toy Dolls — Wish granted

If you know of a Fauxchella show not listed here, leave a comment below and we’ll add it. Click the artist name to link to ticket purchase.

Friday, April 4th
Odesza — The Independent // Sold Out

Sunday, April 6th
ZZ Ward — The Independent

Tuesday, April 8th
Dum Dum Girls — The Independent // Sold Out
Pet Shop Boys — Fox Theater Oakland

Wednesday, April 9th
Neutral Milk Hotel — Fox Theater Oakland // Sold Out
Haim — The Fillmore // Sold Out

Thursday, April 10
Neutral Milk Hotel — Fox Theater Oakland
Future Islands — The Chapel
Haim — The Fillmore // Sold Out
Bastille — The Warfield // Sold Out
Aeroplane — Mezzanine (House of Mezzanine)

Friday, April 11
Neutral Milk Hotel — Fox Theater Oakland
Trombone Shorty & the Orleans Avenue — The Warfield
Classixx — The Independent

Saturday, April 12
Chromeo — The Independent // Sold Out
GOAT — Slim’s

Sunday, April 13
none yet

Monday, April 14
MS MR & Jagwar Ma — The Fillmore
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion — Slim’s
John Newman — The Independent
Bryan Ferry — Fox Theater Oakland
Temples — Great American Music Hall
Bombino — Sweetwater Music Hall
Chance The Rapper — The Warfield
Toy Dolls – Regency Ballroom

Tuesday, April 15
The Knife — Fox Theater Oakland // Sold Out
Laura Mvula — The Independent
Blood Orange — Great American Music Hall // Sold Out
Bombino — The New Parish

Wednesday, April 16
The Knife — Fox Theater Oakland
Factory Floor — The Independent
White Lies — The New Parish
Foxygen — The Chapel

Thursday, April 17
Empire of the Sun — Fox Theater Oakland
The 1975 — The Fillmore // Sold Out
*Sam Smith — Rickshaw Stop // Sold Out
Foxygen – The Independent
Queens of the Stone Age with Warpaint — Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
Duke Dumont — Mezzanine
The Afghan Whigs — Slim’s

Friday, April 18
The 1975 — The Fillmore // Sold Out
Mogwai — Regency Ballroom
Motörhead — The Warfield
Flight Facilities — Mezzanine
Disclosure — Greek Theatre – U.C. Berkeley // Sold Out
Surfer Blood — The New Parish
Empire of the Sun – Fox Theater Oakland
Lana Del Rey — Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

Saturday, April 19
Ellie Goulding & Rudimental — Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
Maceo Plex — Public Works
Broken Bells — Fox Theater Oakland

Sunday, April 20
Bombay Bicycle Club — The Fillmore

*Odds are Sam Smith will perform with Disclosure live at Coachella.

Outside Lands Music Festival 2013: Lineup rumors vs. reality

Outside Lands

Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival //
Golden Gate Park – San Francisco
August 9th-11th, 2013 //

The best fest in the West returns this August! Many may disagree with that statement due to the fact that Outside Lands is geographically located between two other premier music festivals in Coachella and Sasquatch! (and don’t forget the gem that is High Sierra Music Festival), but the Northern California fest now in its sixth year that is organized and curated by Another Planet Entertainment has a lot going for it.

The location in Golden Gate Park on the west side of SF, surrounded by public transportation, is prime and convenient. The foggy weather allows for extended high-energy partying. The sun is nice and all, but not when you have to hide from it for half the festival. There are no beer gardens — carry around your world-class beer like the grown-ass adult you are. And the food! The beer! The wine! It’s local and delicious. Outside Lands has unmatched food and beverage selections for a music festival. And the music is pretty choice as well.

So, it got us thinking, who will be performing at Outside Lands in August? By taking a look at bands & artists touring this summer and the shows/festivals they have already booked, we’ve narrowed down the lineup possibilities and classified each outfit as “rumor” or “reality.”

UPDATE: We didn’t do half bad! The lineup was announced on Tuesday, April 16th.


Paul McCartneyReality


Already announced as a headliner for Bonnaroo, Paul McCartney has been listed as a confirmed artist over at And based on Outside Lands’ history, this legendary act makes too much sense. Envision the entire polo field chanting “naaaah, naah nah nanana naaaaaaah” to close out the weekend. Sounds better than a mailed in Happy Birthday (sorry Stevie).

Daft PunkRumor


Just … no. Don’t get your hopes up. Even though APE tweeted this recently:


A James Murphy DJ set seems more likely. Rumors swirled around Coachella, then Lollapalooza and Glastonbury after Daft Punk announced their new record Random Access Memories will be out via Columbia on May 21st.

Save it. The iconic French duo already said they will not be touring in 2013, but a 2014 tour seems likely once they update their live show to incorporate the new jams, which sound like true 1970s disco. Hope I’m wrong on this, but Daft Punk does not seem likely.

Green DayRealityGreen-Day

Festival organizers mentioned last August that they had already booked a headliner for 2013. This immediately made me think Green Day, as they had three records pending release at the time. Green Day would certainly be playing festivals in support of the new material throughout 2013 (and they are), and the Bay Area natives have never played Outside Lands. There is a big gap in their touring schedule in early August as well.

Atoms for PeaceRumor


Thom York’s electronic/rock supergroup, which also features Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich & Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Flea, would be a suitable headliner at any summer festival. But the group will be touring Europe in July and have no dates set in August. Atoms for Peace announced an LA & Santa Barbara show October 16 & 17, so plan on seeing them at Treasure Island Music Festival.

Nine Inch NailsReality


Nine Inch Nails would be a great grab and a must-see headliner, and their current schedule makes it possible. They’ll be headlining Lollapalooza, and they have dates scheduled in Europe starting August 15, but NIN still has Outside Lands weekend open. The new NIN lineup is Reznor, Eric Avery from Jane’s Addiction, Adrian Belew from King Crimson, Josh Eustis from Telefon Tel Aviv and previous NIN members Alessandro Cortini and Ilan Rubin.

Mumford & SonsRumor


Mumford & Sons have a gap in their schedule from August 9-11, and they will be in North America for Lollapalooza & Osheaga Music Festivals the weekend before Outside Lands. They will also be touring in North America after Outside Lands, so it’s possible they could headline OSL. But Mumford & Sons will be playing the Greek Theater Berkeley for three dates in late May, so Outside Lands seems far fetched. Tickets go on sale Friday at 10am are sold out.



It already seemed fishy that Phoenix would skip the Bay Area during Fauxchella, opting for Davis over SF or Oakland. Then on Thursday The Independent added a last-minute Phoenix date for Monday April 1, and obviously many people did not score tickets. Phoenix is a confirmed headliner at Lollapalooza, then they have a gap in their schedule from August 9-11 before heading to Europe.

Queens of the Stone AgeReality


Queens of the Stone Age will be at Outside Lands, as they are performing at Lollapalooza, then Squamish Music Festival in BC Canada right before and during Outside Lands. SF is the next logical festival stop.

Vampire WeekendReality


Just like QOTSA, Vampire Weekend are signed onto Lollapalooza and Squamish Music Festivals. Plan on Vampire Weekend being near the top of the Outside Lands lineup when it comes out.

The Postal ServiceRumor


The Postal Service has a gap in their schedule from August 9th-11th, but they most likely will not be at Outside Lands. They have two dates lined up at the Greek Theater Berkeley, and there are tickets still available for the July 27th show.

Willie NelsonReality


Willie Nelson falls right into the wheelhouse of Outside Lands legends that have played in the past. And the red-headed stranger will be playing at The Hollywood Bowl on Friday, August 9.

The NationalReality


The National will be playing the Greek Theater in Los Angeles on August 10th, so it only makes sense that they will be at Outside Lands on Friday or Sunday. has already indicated The National is a confirmed group. The National into Paul McCartney to end the weekend would be a winning combination.

Other Likely Performers at Outside Lands:
The Lumineers
Pretty Lights
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Hot Chip
Grizzly Bear
Jurassic 5
Crystal Castles
Gogol Bordello
Divine Fits
Fitz & the Tantrums
Band of Horses
Young the Giant
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
Toro Y Moi
Major Lazer
Ben Howard
Steve Martin & Steep Canyon Rangers
Tegan & Sara
Freighted Rabbit
Hall & Oates
Holy Ghost
Matt & Kim
Childish Gambino
Jessie Ware
Wild Nothing
Atlas Genius
Capitol Cities
IO Echo
Icona Pop
Wild Belle
Midi Matilda
Bear Mountain
Deap Valley
Diamond Rings
Little Green Cars
Family of the Year
Keys N Krates
The Neighbourhood