The Bam Team’s 5 Favorite Shows, Albums & Songs of 2014

Showbams presents The Bam Team members’ favorite shows, albums and songs from 2014.

The 25 best live music acts of 2014

The 2014 BAMS List: Showbams covered many excellent bands, musicians and DJs throughout 2014 — the following 25 acts are our favorite live performers of the year.

David Byrne & Co. drop an ‘Atomic Bomb’ on The Warfield

SHOW REVIEW: The transcendental quality that William Onyeabor set out to achieve through his work years ago was not only recognized, but expanded upon into a completely otherworldly experience.

David Byrne & My Tattoo Manifest Destiny

William Onyeabor’s tribute show in San Francisco Tuesday set the scene for a fan’s dream come true.