The ‘EDM bubble’ may be bursting, but Pretty Lights remains a beacon of hope at the Santa Barbara Bowl

Pretty Lights

SHOW REVIEW: If there’s one electronic artist whom others should look to for inspiration, it’s unquestionably Pretty Lights.

STS9’s stunning live show transports their Bay Area fans to a magical world


PHOTOS: An STS9 show is something every live music fan should witness at least once in their life.

20 moments we won’t forget from Treasure Island Music Festival 2015

Treasure Island Music Festival 2015

FESTIVAL REVIEW: These epic sets will be ingrained in our brain for years to come.

Treasure Island Music Festival drops 2015 set times

Treasure Island Music Festival 2015

The two-day festival has released the set times for its 2015 edition, and attendees can now start filling out their schedules for next weekend’s festivities.

Treasure Island Music Festival releases 2015 daily lineups

Treasure Island Music Festival 2015

With the ninth annual Treasure Island Music Festival a little more than a month away, the two-day festival has released the daily lineups for its 2015 edition.

Treasure Island Music Festival unveils 2015 lineup featuring headliners The National, Deadmau5

Treasure Island Music Festival 2015

After bringing Outkast and Massive Attack to the bay last fall, Treasure Island Music Festival has released the lineup for its 2015 edition — and it’s another doozy.

Bassist Alana Rocklin is sparking a creative revival with STS9

PHOTOS: “Alana Rocklin has far surpassed what I was hoping for in breathing a new and rich beam of light into one of my favorite bands.”

High Sierra returns to Quincy for its 24th edition

High Sierra Music Festival

PHOTOS: The 24th edition of High Sierra Music Festival took place over the Fourth of July weekend, and we captured plenty of memorable moments from the mountains of Quincy.

STS9, Tycho see split scenes in Oakland

PHOTOS: STS9 stopped by Fox Theater Oakland for another uplifting set of jamtronic goodness, even though many Tycho fans had departed after his opening set.

STS9 evolve time at The Fillmore Auditorium

SHOW REVIEW: STS9 played two sets of mind-melting material that pleased old and new fans alike in Denver.